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Stock Market-Like Bar, Detroit Beer Exchange, Coming To Downtown Detroit

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As we all know, 2020 was not all that it was cracked up to be and restaurants that had planned to open, well, didn't. Although 2021 is shaping up to be 2020 2.0, many restaurants have put too much time and money on the line to not continue to push though and open their doors as anticipated; even if it is a little later than expected. One restaurant actually started in Kalamazoo and was such a fan favorite that the restaurant decided to open another location in Detroit. This anticipated restaurant is now one to keep an eye out for as Detroit should be seeing the doors swing open, well, hopefully very soon.

The Kalamazoo Beer Exchange was on the fence about opeing the downtown Detroit location back this past winter, after waiting on the final inspections and of course the status of the indoor dining regulations in Michigan. Detroit Beer Exchange mimics a stock market with beer prices fluctuating based on the demand for certain labels in 15-minute intervals, with "market crashes" at random intervals. The new Detroit location will feature a very similar menu as the Kalamazoo location including 28 beers, 10 ciders, and even non-alcoholic options on tap as well. If this wasn't enough to make you want to check this place out, they even have natural wine and cocktails. Additionally, the Detroit Beer Exchange will also operate a basement bar called Grand River Ballroom and Shorty Bell's which is a to-go pizzeria. This pizzeria is likely to be the first of the trio to open their doors.

As the Beer Exchange is expanding their doors to Detroit, the first bar opened in 2010 in Kalamazoo. The Beer Exchange is known for their casual style environment, beer options, pizza and well, the fact that they operate like a stock market with their fluctuating prices and random market crashes.

Although the projected opening date was April 2021, no new date has been announced yet. The location of this new bar is said to be in the Steven's Building at 1258 Washington Blvd., Detroit, MI.

In Birmingham, the Dow offers a similar experience as beer prices fluctuating every 15 minutes with supply and demand. This restaurant opened in 2017 at 160 W. Maple Road, behind Dick O'Dow's.
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