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Royal Oak Possibly Will Permit Neighborhood Food Trucks

Becca Ballard

Will Royal Oak allow food trucks in neighborhoods in the future? A law is in place in Royal Oak that is currently under re-consideration. Here are the details of what we are looking at.

A city ordinance is in place that bans "transient merchant" from operating in city neighborhoods and downtown districts unless an event is in place. In other words, this just means that Royal Oak does not allow food trucks in neighborhoods. But, things are moving in the right direction to make this law change.

People love food trucks, not only for the great food but for the reason that it is something outdoors to do and it brings people together. Last year an event was started, known as the Northwood Food Truck Social. This group, had a Facebook page to keep everyone updated about their Food Truck Tuesday and Donut Saturday events. This was allowed since the city does makes exceptions for special events. The Northwood Food Truck Social recieved a three month permit to continue with their events through the summer. Due to this food truck social being such a large and popular event that is a hit for the whole family, residents again would like to see this be put back into place. Luckily for the fans, the city government is looking into it.

This food truck social idea is seeing a gain in popularity since people may still be hesitant to go out to restaurants due to the pandemic. This is a great alternative that makes for something fun to do while being able to enjoy the outdoors. This would allow families to hang out in their neighborhood yet still socialize safely with their friends and neighbors.

In the past, some restaurants have seen food trucks as a competition, yet the pandemic has changed that. Restaurants around town are even coming out with their own food trucks to allow for visitors to choose how they enjoy their food. Everyone has been hit hard during the pandemic and looking for more avenues to serve as many people as possible.

Royal Oak recently permitted their social district in the downtown area, so this will just be another way for people to social distance while enjoying the company of others outdoors.
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