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A Coffee Drinker's Guide To Birmingham

Becca Ballard

Cafes are so much more than your drink of choice. It's also about the feeling and ambiance you recieve while visiting. Birmingham features an abundance of cafes, roasting their own beans and giving an experience to remember. Find below a guide to some of the finest cafes around Birmingham, MI.

Birmingham Roast

Right downtown, in the heart of Birmingham you'll find Birmingham Roast. This neighborhood coffee shop is a Birmingham classic, although only opened since 2017. Birmingham Roast will give you the buzz and flavor you are craving and along with that, the welcoming environment will keep you coming back. Birmingham Roast partners with Kuppa Joy Roasters making this coffee extra special coming all the way from the heart of the Yosemite Valley. This roast brings a west coast vibe to their signature roast; giving it a flavor unlike any other in the area. Birmingham Roast has a contemporary setting with a black and copper theme. Along with amazing coffee, Birmingham Roast offers food and pasteries, an open meeting lounge, cafe style seating, and a seasonal outdoor patio for customers to enjoy.

Svenska Cafe

Svenska Café, is a coffee shop and espresso bar inspired by the amazing coffee culture in Sweden. You'll get a true Sweden culture experience right here in Birmingham as you'll find quality ingredients and fresh cooking right from scratch. As said on Svenska's website, "You need to experience us, as no label does us justice." At the Svenska Cafe you'll find shared culinary values, quality ingredients, and love poured into every single cup of coffee. This cafe offers delights from pastries, to sandwiches, and even ice cream to enjoy!

Cannelle Patisserie

Italian expresso and Great Lakes coffee is not the only thing you'll find at this cafe. French pasteries including authentic macaroons, almond croissants, French breads and sandwiches are made here and absolutley delicious. Matt Knio, owner and founder started working at a bakery from a very young age. He followed his passion and learned as much as he could by working on a cocoa bean plantation in Ivory Coast, Africa and then traveling to Paris, France to master baking and even graduated a master artesian. Matt’s passion gave him the drive for continuous success where he opened multiple Cannelle Patisserie cafes in Michigan including the one in Birmingham and another in Downtown Detroit. This cafe is always a busy one which only means one thing, it is all just as amazing as it sounds.

Atomic Coffee

Atomic coffee has modern atmosphere with great coffee and food, plus an area outside to enjoy right on the main street of Downtown Royal Oak. This coffee shop prepares handcrafted coffee, raw juices, fresh smoothies, & made-to-order food. Atomic Coffee strives to deliver unique coffees that can't just be found anywhere around town. Atomic Coffee roasts their own blends including:

  • Atomic House Blend: Medium roasted for a mellow, round, and easy-drinking cup of coffee
  • Atomic Dark Roast: Dark roasted just past a traditional French Roast, then blended with a lighter roasted coffee from Mexico, making this coffee the perfect cup for those who enjoy a rich, robust coffee
  • Atomic Espresso Blend: A blend that combines trditional Italian and modern American styles of espresso and roasted darker than the usual House Blend, yet lighter than their Dark Roast

Sabbath Coffee Roasters

Sabbath Coffee Roasters serves ethically sourced gourmet roasts from family-owned farms that process beans by hand, how unique! Their coffee is roasted in small batches with extreme attention to detail to ensure top quality coffee.

Trevor and Miranda Graham are the two founders that grew Sabbath Coffee Roasters around the idea that coffee offers rest. As the couple found themselves working more and more, and seeing less and less of each other, they realized just how special simply sharing a cup of coffee together meant to them. The goal for Sabbath Coffee Roasters is to provide a cup for everyone and to provide the break we all need within our day through a fantastic cup of coffee.

The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co

The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co. has a strong belief that coffee is no longer a commodity, it defines a community. The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company knows that it is not just about what you’re drinking; it’s about the journey to your cup. Like wine, coffee is an agricultural product and its final taste is subject to climate, altitude, cultivation methods, plant variety, picking techniques, and other factors. This cafe not only makes mouth-watering coffee, they even sells brew gear and merchandise, along with coffee of the month subscription boxes. Check out their website here, for step by step details on how their coffee is brewed.

Dessert Oasis

Dessert Oasis, is a coffee shop that first began as a family business back in 2009. From a young age, Nathan Hamood, the president of Dessert Oasis, started learning as much as he could about coffee and realized that he truly found his passion. After purchasing his own roaster, Hamood quickly learned the ins and outs of coffee to the point where he was selling his own roasts. This quickly led him to buying a larger, more professional roaster - the very same one Dessert Oasis roasts on today. At that moment the coffee became a large focus of the company which is when "Coffee Roasters" was added to their business name. Dessert Oasis explains that their emphasis on creating a great experience through bringing people together over something of quality has always been the driving force behind our company. Dessert Oasis serves cheesecake, many pasteries, and well of course, coffee, that you do not want to miss!

The Proving Grounds

Locally roasted coffee, gourmet ice cream, hand-crafted sandwiches and salads are only the beginning here at The Proving Grounds. This cafe provides a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for anyone to enjoy. Along with a relaxed atmosphere, The Proving Grounds even roasts their own beans which are roasted with low-tech brewing methods, pour-overs and French press that bring out a variety of rich and earthy flavors. To compliment their superior coffee, The Proving Grounds offers complementing pastries & desserts from Crust Bakery, and artisan ice cream from Browndog Creamery, all sourced locally.

New Order Coffee

New Order Coffee is a new one around the block. This recently opened coffee shop aims to delight and energize everyday life; and one thing they are certain about here is that coffee is a personal thing. New Order Coffee puts an emphasis on the fact that they are the coffee experts, but YOU, are the boss. New Order Coffee states that, "It's a new day. It's a new order." They want to help you make your cup of coffee, your very own. A modern space of natural light, bright colors and upbeat sound waves make this cafe one to remember. Not all coffee is made the same, as here, marshmallow and confetti lattes are only the beginning. If that isn't up your alley, maybe their on tap nitro coffee will satisfy your coffee needs. New Order Coffee has a commitment for speed and efficiency as each black coffee order is grinded and brewed to order in under a minute. You won't find batch brewing here!

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Birmingham, MI

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