How To Use Self Tan Drops Like A Pro

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Let's do it - welcome to tanning 101!

Self tanning just got a whole lot easier thanks to Isle Of Paradise, self tanning drops. These drops were created to put you in control of your glow.

Why Pick Isle Of Paradise - The Pros

  • Customize "how tan" you want to be - the more drops the more tan
  • Very subtle smell, like a slight tropical vibe; not like a typical tanning lotion smell
  • Uncomplicated application instructions
  • Clean ingredients
  • Don't have to wear a mit when applying, just wash your hands well afterwards
  • No bronzers, so you don't have to worry about any color transfer whatsoever

What Might Take Time To Master

Since the drops are clear and not colored with bronzer, it does take a few uses to figure out how your skin takes the color and how best to apply the product. Basically just like anything else, this too takes practice. My first time using this product, I didn't get close enough to my hair line around my face and the next morning, I could tell. There was a difference in color and I knew I had to take more time at it the next go-around. So make sure you take time to apply the product properly. If you do so, you shouldn't have any issues.

How To Apply

These drops can be used all over your body and face, but just make sure to always mix with lotion. If you are applying to your face, make sure to start with a clean washed face too, that is important.

With the tanning drop shade you choose, mix 2-10 drops in with lotion. I typically apply 2-3 drops for my face, 3-4 drops for each arm and for my chest, and then a few more than that for my legs. Depending on what level of "tan-ness" you're going for, and what area of the body applying, you can adjust the amount of drops from there. These numbers can just be a starting point for you, but do what you find works best for you to receive the desired level of tan you are looking for.

In the palm of my hand I mix the drops with a favorite moisturizer and then go ahead and apply to the face or body, section by section. Make sure you are applying evenly and all over. If you are applying to your face, make sure to start with a clean washed face too, that is important. It is basically just like applying your regular lotion. Then after applying everywhere, just wash your hands and you're done! I usually apply before bed, although you can put makeup over top of it too if you prefer to use this product in the morning.

When Will I See Results

Your tan will develop in 4 to 6 hours so in just a few hours, you will be able to tell a noticable difference. This product is not like a Jergens lotions where you have to apply several times to build results over a few days. You will see the results quickly depending how many drops applied and it will be very noticable. You can even apply at the start of the day, wear clothes, and end the day with a tan - WINNING!

How Long Do Tanning Drops Last

These tanning drops typically last 3-4 days for me. I apply about once a week on my body and twice a week on my face. I think due to washing my face 2x a day and using so many products the facial drops last a couple days less on my face than it does on my body. The instructions say to apply as needed, so if you are looking to keep the same tan color, you will more than likely need to tan your body 2x a week and your face 2-3x a week. You can also let the color completely fade, exfoliate, and reapply. I don't personally stay up on it to that extent, but it would be extremely easy to do. You can do it as many times a week as you want to, and use as many drops as you want to - find what works best for you!

Tips To Make The Tan Last Longer

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! That is definitely the first step to help this effortless tan last longer. Also, shave about 24 hours prior to applying the drops to get the most even tan possible. Once you apply the drops, do not exfoliate your skin, unless you want to scrub the tan off. Moisturize your skin often, as the more hydrated your skin is, the longer your tan will last.

About Isle Of Paradise

As well as being 100% vegan and cruelty free, Isle Of Paradise is also free from Pthalates, Parabens, Mineral oils, petroleum, sulphates, gluten, GMO and toxins so you can feel good about what you are putting on your skin. Isle Of Paradise products all contain color-correcting actives which corrects your glow to reduce redness, brighten skin and even out discoloration. Essentially that of color theory - opposite hues cancel each other out.

Isle Of Paradise Shade Options

  • Light/ Peach for a sun-kissed glow
  • Medium / Green for a golden tan
  • Dark/ Violet for a deep bronze

I have always used the medium/ green shade but it it all up to your own preference.

Photo By: Isle Of Paradise

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