January 2021 Bucket List

Becca Ballard

Take a piece of paper, or the notes in your phone and start a list of goals or things you would like to do this January 2021.

If you want to do something big, split it up into smaller more acheiveable goals over a series of points and check those off to make the big goal not seem so overwhelming. Now that things have quieted down with the holidays behind us, a bucket list full of fun, both big and small things to do in January is a must. Below are simple ways to enjoy the days to come.

Cook A Cuisine From A Different Country

Are you someone that gets adventurous with food? Be inspired by other countries cultures and get cooking this January. This fun and new experience will be educational as you learn some new techniques and try new ingredients. While your cooking, do some research on the countries culture and look up some fun facts to really embrace yourself in the culture and get a full experience, well, as well rounded as it can be from your own kitchen.

Make Up A New Cocktail

With so many perfect-for-winter cocktail recipes out there, it's time to take your January to the next level and mix one up! Many drink recipes that you can find in the winter months are warm, and some with even a candy cane on top. If you aren't into that, don't worry, there is something for everyone. The next time you are looking for a nice cocktail, look no further than Google. There you will find fun, wintery drink recipes to satisfy your taste buds with something new. This may even just be a new January tradition.

Rearrange A Room In Your Home

Create a fresh perspective with a new furniture layout. You might be surprised what a change of scenery can do. Take an afternoon, pick a room, and move some furniture around. This also is a great push to vaacum under those big furniture items that don't get cleaned as often as you'd like. Move the couch a different way, maybe switch out rugs from one room to another. Just change things up in a room to give it a totally different feel.

Clean Up Your Photos In Your Phone

Every morning when you wake up, or right before you go to bed, set a few minutes aside to go through photos taken that same day but in years past. What I mean by this is:

  • Open up photo album on your phone
  • Click 'Search'
  • Type in today's date. For example, if it is January 1st, type in 1/1
  • Your phone will filter all of your photos to the ones only taken on that specific date on every year
  • Delete the photos you no longer wish to save

Now after spending less than 1 minute each day going through the photos taken on that speficic day, you'll have a clean photo album by the end of the year!

Stay Off Social Media For A Week

Could you go a weekend without social media? What about a full week? The best part about this detox is that only good things can come from it. You might just have so much extra time that you pick up a new hobby, take a class or visit an old friend. We are so used to our daily lives cosisting of an extreme amounts of social media usage that we may not even realize the amount of extra time we would have without it.

Plan A Vacation For The Future

Make a list of destination ideas, narrow them down, and book it! Before the year gets busy and the trip never happens, book something today. Then throughout the next couple months it will be fun to do your research deciding what restaurants, activities, sporting events and beaches you want to visit. Booking a vacation or getaway in advance and then you get to enjoy the best part- looking forward to it for months to come!

Do Something Kind For Someone And Pay It Forward

What does this mean exactly? When someone does a good deed for you, instead of paying them back, you pay it forward. Meaning that you do something nice for someone else. Not only will it brighten someone's day, you might even just set a chain reaction in motion. A couple ideas could be to pay for the person's coffee behind you, donate some clothes, give someone a compliment or encourage others with post-it notes. There are so many small acts of kindness you can provide to others so do something small starting today!

Buy A Gift Card From Your Favorite Local Business

Now more than ever- small businesses need your support. Help support your favorite small business in January by buying a gift card. Whether that is a restaurant or local shop, everyone would appreicate the extra business these days. These businesses have such a positive impact on communities so why not give them some extra love!

Have A Mid-Week Adventure

Going on an adventure doesn't need to be the event of the year. Plan a mid-week trip: sledding, ice skating, dine on a lakeshore, or maybe a quick airbnb getaway. Just do anything unusual for a spontaneous and fun time that you may just look back on for years to come! Why not do just one thing that you feel is out of your usual routine that will put a little excitement into your week.

Whole 30 Challenge

The Whole 30 Challenge encourages followers to cut out alcohol, sugar, grains, legumes, dairy and additives from their diet for 30 days. This gives one a whole new lifestyle change and you may just learn to live a life without so much sugar and other harmful things that can be in your daily diet. This can be difficult, so if anything, customize this challenge to something you can accomplish. Maybe set the goal for yourself to only be concious of this challenge Monday through Friday, or give yourself 2 cheat days in the month, or maybe you only allow yourself certain dairy products and try to eat under 10g of sugar a day. Set a goal that will work for you! Don't forget that there is alternatives to desserts without sugar. ;) This challenge can be an awesome way to force yourself in the kitchen more cooking new meals and being a healthier you!

Set A Budget For The Year

  • Note your net income: The very first step in creating a budget is to know the amount of money coming in.
  • Track your spending: Write down all the loans and bills you have, and the amount you typically spend on groceries, gas and other necessities each month.
  • Make a plan: Write out the goal amount you would like to spend each month on groceries, eating out, spending money, savings, ect.
  • Adjust your habits: Now that you have a plan in place, you can see where you have money leftover or where you can cut back so that you can put money towards other things. You may find you want to spend few dollars less on groceries so you have a little more for eating out. Play around with your budget, it can take time to get it right.
  • Check in: Review your budget on a regular basis to ensure you are staying on track. It can be helpful to use an app as a tool to look back on.

Note: A budget is just a way to help guide you and your finances, but we all know that life gets in the way and more than likely things can change month to month.

Light Up Those Winter Candles

Winter will be over before we know it- get all of your winter candles out. Lean into the cold, winter days with seasonal candles that will instantly make your home cozier providing warmth and beauty to any room in your home this January. Light up multiple candles and it will feel like the best winter day yet this season.

Choose A Word Of The Year

Looking for a fun way to set your intentions for the new year? Pick a word to be the focus and guidence for the year to come. You want a word that is meaningful and that will be encouraging throughout the year. The word you choose will ultimately create a positive change as it will be the one you live by and it will be a small reminder to yourself of your big goal of the year.

Start A Monthly Family/Friends Game Night

Game nights aren't just for playing games, but also about spending quality time and laughs with friends and family. Start the first month of the year off by picking an evening for a game night. Make it an ongoing monthly tradition with your friends, family or both. Take it to the next level by having a different and new theme for each game night. Enjoy this time not only with good people, but with yummy snacks and drinks as well to top off this fun experience!

Celebrate Popcorn Day

Tuesday, January 19th is Popcorn Day! This annual celebration recognizes a popular treat that is part of so many traditions- Popcorn at the movie theatres, popcorn strings at Christmas, popcorn balls at Halloween, and that is just the start! So on Popcorn Day make sure to have a bowl of your favorite, whether that be buttered, salted, kettled, caramel covered, or any of the other great flavor choices out there. No wonder popcorn is such a big hit with all the flavored options!


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