15 Cute Christmas Date Ideas

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Are you a lucky one who has someone to kiss under the mistletoe this year?

Holiday lights, crackling fires and well, mistletoe- what a romantic time of year. These Christmas date ideas will add to the holiday spirit leading up to and even after Christmas. Miss a few dates before Christmas? It's okay, we know it's a busy time of year. Luckily for you, most of these activities can even be taken into the new year as well. With magic in the air and a little romance too, it's the perfect time of year to plan simple yet memorable dates. Here are 15 activities to do with your significant other, or really anyone this time of year. Enjoy!

DIY Popcorn Bar, Movie Night In

Ready to take Netflix Christmas movies to another level? Whether you like Netflix Original Christmas movies or more of a Hallmark movie kind of gal, a movie night in is always a fun idea. Plan a night to binge a few, although cheesy, you have admit they can be pretty addicting. Elevate this movie date night with a popcorn bar. If you have never seen anything like this, jump on Pinterest for inspo. All you need is different seasonings, an array of candy, and a few snacks too. Create a charcuterie board laid out of all the snacks you bought so they are all visible, making it more fun. Mix your favorite snacks into your popcorn bowl, and maybe add a little chocolate drizzle to top It off. If you are feeling even a little extra, make your own popcorn with a caramel, cinnamon roll, or cookies & cream recipe. This surely will be a tradition you take into the years to come.

Gingerbread House Decorating Competition

Feeling competitive? Go for the classic date night and have a gingerbread house decorating competition. To make it easier, start out with a gingerbread house kit. Be extra creative by grabbing a few other decorating options at the store like frosting and your favorite candies. Throw after photos up on your Instagram feed or story and see what the crowds favorite is. Don't forget to place your bets before you start!

Christmas Cabin Getaway

Pick a weekend and getaway! Check out Airbnbs in an area that has a cute town. Explore the so called cute town, sled, build a snowman or maybe even skii or snowshoe. If you are looking to getaway and not do a whole lot, check out an area with a spa or even just hang around the Airbnb, build a fire and lounge around the cabin all weekend for a nice weekend in. Google couple games for some different game ideas to switch it up from the normal movie night!

Christmas Lights Drive

There is something magical about Christmas lights especially when you are with the one(s) you love. Make the most of a chilly night by bunding up and visiting a local neighbrhood to view Christmas lights. Whether it's a walk or drive through viewing, cozy up and see the beautiful lights that will surely get you in the holiday spirit. Don't forget a Christmas playlist to take you along this fun journey. If you make one together, you may just have that for years to come.

Make DIY Ornaments

Feeling crafty this holiday season? Find a cute DIY ornament idea to recreate from your favorite Pinterest account, or even visit a local pottery painting studio to make a little something extra for your tree this year. Not only will you have an ordament to reminence about for years to come, you will have a fun experience to look back on together.

Bake Christmas Dessert

Did someone say bake off? If you're up for a little competition this might just be your next Saturday night plans because what would Christmas be without a cookie or two. Don't just bake a batch and call it a day- bake a ton! Wrap an assortment of them in some plastic, a bow and deliver to your neighbors, friends, family, even a nursing home or homeless shelter. Don't forget to keep a few for yourselves!

Make Fireside S'mores

Fortunately, s'mores can be a year round fun thing to do. There are so many ways to cook s'mores whether that be a gas stove, fireplace or even in the oven. Make this a double date night if you have a couple friends that love s'mores as much as you do!

Go Ice Skating

What is a winter without at least one round of ice skating and a few laughs. Spend an afternoon ice skating at your local rink or at a nearby frozen lake. Take a picture to remember the moment and maybe this will end up being a new holiday tradition. Then, grab a coffee to warm up and continue laughing about those laps and close call falls.

Write Each Other Open When Letters For The Coming Year

Open When Letters are a series of letters written with an instruction to open and read in different situations. They could be more general like, "Open When You Miss Me," or specific like, "Open On Your Birthday." Either way you'll be sure to put a smile on your significant other's face. Whether you live together or are in a long distance relationship this is a fun thing to do together and look forward to opening in the year to come.

Wintery Indoor Picinic

On those extra cold nights when all you want to do is be indoors, why not have an indoor picinic. A charcuterie board of snacks, a favorite Christmas movie you haven't seen in years, and a warm holiday drink is the perfect trio for a fun lounge night in. Lay out a blanket or two and hang up some extra lights to be even more festive and create even more holiday spirit. Cozy pajamas recommended!

Have A Peppermint Tasting Christmas Date

Stores are full of everything peppermint this time of year. Visit your nearest grocery store and see how many peppermint flavored snacks you can find. Place all of the treats on a charcuterie board and have a little tasting of each with your loved one, rating each treat. From peppermint bark, to cookies, popcorn, pretzel slims, candy canes, cocktails, and ice cream you surely will have the best snack day of your life.

Start Your Own Holiday Tradition

A tradition can create even more excitement for years to come around the holidays. This is a great way to have something fun to look forward to and carry on for years. Choose wisely! Even your kid's gradkids might keep the tradition ongoing if it's that good, so consider choosing something you'll love to do for years to come.

Some ideas to get you inspired:

  • Buy a new ornament each year
  • Plan an annual romantic Christmas getaway
  • Exchange a gift on Christmas Eve
  • Make cinnamon rolls together Christmas morning
  • Watch a Christmas movie together one night a week the month of December

Sponsor A Family For The Holiday Season

With the holidays being a time for giving and helping others, it is a perfect time of year to find a local family to sponsor. Many programs out there will connect sponsors with families to "adopt" by providing them with a family profile and wishlist. Ask a few other friends to go in on a family and buy them the list of things they need this holiday season. This can be a fun way to give back to your community and help make a families Christmas so special.

Visit A Christmas Market

Although a Christmas Market may be difficult to find depending where you live, if you can find one you'll be guarenteed a good time. From pop up boutique shops to good food, fun desserts and activities, you'll be sure to have an eventful evening to put you right in the holiday spirit. This is a great time to check a few gifts off the list and buy from a local small business. There is a good chance you may even run into something unique to add to your own holiday decor collection.

Make Your Own Advent Calendar

Go the extra mile and create your own advent calendar this year. Maybe try a holiday date idea every day for 12 or 25 days leading up to Christmas. Surprise your significant other with this, or make it together! Each of you fill half of the days with date ideas, topics of conversations, dares, and date nights. An advent calendar will surely keep you busy creating fun memories together. December will never be a boring month!


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