How To Be Stylish On A Budget

Becca Ballard

Staying up on the new and latest trends can get pricy. It can be hard not to want to buy something new for your wardrobe every week (Especially when working in or with the fashion industry). We all have a budget and when we look at a price tag, we decide whether that price is over our budget limit or reasonable. Although one person's save is another person's splurge, it's best to have a dollar amount in mind that would be the top limit spent on an item. Great style is extremely possible on any budget with these tips, tricks and best practices. A wardrobe filled with good quality, timeless, yet simple pieces with a few trending items thrown in is a wardrobe you want.

Closet Cleanout

Remove the dated pieces. Give your closet a good edit; becoming re-aquainted with your wardrobe is the first step. Those pieces you "might" wear one day, or for a halloween costume need to go. These extra items are only making your closet more cluttered and taking away from the simplicity of a well organized, clearly visible closet, so that you can see what you have. Once you have a organized closet and a clear sense of what is in your closet, you can style the items you already have in new ways.

Personal Style

Neutrals or colors? Solids or patterns? A certain style? Discovering your own personal style can ultimately be helpful when it comes to saving money as well. Then, when you are shopping and wondering whether to buy a certain top, for example, if it doesn't fall under "your style" catagory, it might be best to wait and think about that item overnight. If a few days later you are still thinking about that piece, go ahead and buy it- you deserve it.

Shop The Basics

Updating your closet with basic staple pieces is key. Basics are what make your wardrobe timeless. Stay on track to buying items you can wear multiples ways and match with many other items, easily giving you more options. Versitality of each peice hanging in your closet is important. Solids are always a good choice, and although controversial, a solid dress will look more expensive than a floral one. Prints can look dated quickly and may times, we get sick of them before we even thought we would. Jewelry and accessories will elevate your style so pick up a leather scrunchie, plain colored hats, or simple pieces of jewerly. These are all items that can be worn many different ways with basically any outfit to give it an improved more expensive look.

Mix & Match

Now it's time to get creative! Mix neutrals and textures for a monochromatic look, or style a top with a jacket, belt, or maybe a few necklaces layered to give that oh so basic top a new look. Wearing the same pieces in different ways can be fun and feel adventurous. Layering is also a great way to create new looks with the same pieces in your closet. Don't settle for just one shirt today, add another one overtop giving the sleeves a layered look.

Don't Overpay

Good quality can come at any price point. If you see an expensive sweater that fits in your personal style yet is at a high price, do some research. I guarentee it will be easier than you think to find another sweater that looks identical yet fits in your budget. When a certain look is trending, many fashion brands want to keep up on the trends that people are loving so they will create similar items and styles. If you come across an item that you are having a hard time saying no to, ask yourself, "Will I like this item in 1 year? What about 5 years?" Another good question that puts the price into perspective is, if the item is $100, for example, would I wear this item at least 100 times this year? Scale down and focus on what you really love.

Buy Pre-Used Clothes

Make shopping a win-win for both you and your debit card by shopping at pre-used clothing shops, like your local thrift store or Facebook Marketplace. Items at these stores are donated by those who have lost interest. The best part is that these stores are so fun to shop at because it is an adventure not knowing what hidden gem you might find. The opportunities at pre-used stores are just about endless as unique yet trendy pieces lay waiting to be picked up and added to your collection.

Shop At Outlets

To maximize your dollars even more, shopping at an outlet, either in stores or online can be super ideal. A few favorites online are the Mango Outlet or ASOS Outlet. These gems have trendy options for anyone's style at amazing prices.

Things To Avoid Buying

  • Fast fashion
  • An item just because it's on sale
  • Low quality clothes: Quality over Quanity
  • Clothes you are not 100% sure about

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