Gift Guide: For The Traveler

Becca Ballard

Are you a frequent travler? Do you know a travel enthusiest?

While the world pandemic has temporarily paused many peoples travel plans, it hasn't changed the love for exploration.

A traveler could be tricky to buy for- always on the go, doen't pack a lot, no two traveler is alike.. While a plane ticket is never a bad idea (I'm a window seat incase anyone is thinking of getting me one), I'v come up with a list of other ideas that will capture memories, inspire adventure, and make traveling more convienent. Hopefully a thing or two will spark an idea for someone special in your life. No matter what occasion you are shopping for, a traveler will be sure to love these items. Get gitty with me as I give you the low down, including items you won't have to be aware of the return policy. You are about to wow that traveler with items, maybe they didn't even know they needed.

One item not shown below that would make a pretty unique gift is offering to pay the $85 TSA pre-check application fee. Having TSA pre-check allows a traveler to go through an expedited security line at the airport without having to take off their shoes or remove electronics and liquids from their bags, among other convenient perks. This item is a game changer and it would be a great gift to give literally anyone in your life with upcoming travel plans.

So, back to it.. see below for the top gift ideas to create a convienent and more comfortable exploration for the wanderlust lovers in your life.

Backpack: Fashionista? Leather backpack. Hiker? Light weight backpack. Backpacking a different country? Durable backpack. A backpack is an absolute must have for really anyone in life, especially one who adventures often. The good thing about this item is that you really can never have too many. A backpack is perfect and so suitable whether that be for daily wear, as a carry on or as the souviener holder.

Suitcase: A functional item, also known as a travel partner.. luggage. A suitcase, or two or three of them, are an essential travel item. Hard cover luggage can be extremely convienent as they are durable, lightweight, and easy to wipe down to keep clean. A luggage set is truly the ultimate gift. Every traveler needs at least a two set luggage- a carry on suitcase and large suitcase. For those who are actually never home and always on the go, you can find suitcase sets of three. This ensures that the right size suitcase is available for any adventure that comes up. When shopping for luggage, although you may be looking for someting cute yet functional, one with a 360 degree spin is one feature you don't want to skip out on.

Polaroid Camera: Tangible photo souviners? Sign me up! A polaroid or instant camera is something unique as it employs self-developing film to print your pictures right away. Photos are a huge part of every trip as it is the best way to look back at the fun and adventourus times. A polaroid camera is a gift treasured for years to come. This fun camera is perfect to switch it up from the normal camera or iPhone photo, and create lasting memories to share, literally instantly. The camera that everyone wants, but many won't buy themselves- you can be the MVP gift giver this holiday season by putting this camera on your list of items to give.

Portable Charger: Living in a world where technology is everything.. and I mean everything, a portable charger is KEY when it comes to traveling. When you are exploring from sun up to sun down, it can be difficult to keep your phone and other electronics charged up. We all use our smartphones, cameras, and many other portable electronics 24/7, so a wireless charger is an absolute must have, even on a weekend getaway. Ticket confirmations, directions, overnight stay information or even translation apps live on our phones. Many portable chargers can handle multipe charges too, making this item even more convienent. As if it doesn't get better than this, most portable chargers are about the size of a wallet so they fit just about anywhere and can charge just about anything. This item definitely could be just one of the most important things you ever did pack, or receive as a gift.

Sneakers: Great news, yes, you can wear sneakers when you travel without looking like a "tourist." Depending on the type of traveler, or maybe the type of trip one is going on.. a good quality comfortable pair of sneakers is important. Spending hours exploring a city, country or anything inbetween, can a killer on one's feet. A pair of shoes that can be worn literally daily and walked miles in, are two key factors when considering the right pair. Nice shoes make traveling even more enjoyable. Many times it can be difficult to travel with more than one or two pairs of shoes, so a versitile pair is essential. A white leather sneaker could be a perfect choice as it is easy to wipe clean and looks good with any outfit.

Reusable Bag: One item that may be surprising, yet extremely useful for the traveler is the ultimate eco-friendly accessory, a reusable bag. Some places of travel do not give paper or plastic shopping bags out for free, so a reusable bag is essential in this situation to save money. It can also come in handy as an extra carry on bag for when you shopped a little too much while traveling. A reusable bag also is a great way to keep your hands free while exploring; shopping at a local market or a spontaneous trip to the beach. You never know when you'll need one of these bags, well, until you need it. The best part is a foldable reusable bag, will take up basically no room at all in a travelers luggage, making this item one of the best gifts to give.

Neck Pillow: A long enduring flight essential is this item.. a neck pillow. Well, until you get on the flight and realize you may have chose the wrong one. Some neck pillows can be uncomforable and just take up too much space, at a time when space is already limited. It is unfortunate that all do not live up to the job of neck support comfortably. Tips? The neck pillow you want is one that packs down small and sits in a good position for sleeping. Do the research and look for those with great reviews. Better yet, shop in stores and try one out for yourself. From long flights, to weeks on the road or even airport naps, a neck pillow will be a best friend. So, choose wisely.

Packing Cubes: The best way to keep your luggage organized.. Packing Cubes! Wow, have these been the biggest game changer for travelers. Try them once and there will be no return making this item such a great gift to give. Packing cubes make a huge difference when it comes to the upkeep of the suitcase. Everything has a place with these organizers. Not only does the suitcase stay organized easily, but it makes each item or piece of clothing more handy and convienent. This 10/10 purchase comes in a variety of sizes creating storage for items both big and small. Another perk is that packing cubes are basically weightless so they will not weigh down your luggage, only positively help when it comes to packing. The smaller cubes are generally used for underwear, socks, ect. As you can probably guess, the larger cubes are for your clothing and dirty laundry. Give a gift that the travel enthusiest never even knew they needed!

Filtered Reusable Water Bottle: Water is not always as accessible as one may think while traveling, especially when on the go for long days. Specifically when traveling internationally, a filtered, reusable water bottle is a need to keep water safe, filtered and available. Since this item removes the need for single use water bottles, it is eco-friendly which is one other great perk. A reusable water bottle is also one that can be used 365 days a year, while traveling or not. So, not only is this a great gift for a traveler, but also for anybody. The best part about this gift idea is that one can never really have too many water bottles either, so what a better gift than this necessity.

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