Kelvin King Tells Supporters Why He is Qualified to Be Georgia's Next Senator

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King believes he is uniquely equipped to challenge Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock in the upcoming senate race.
Kelvin King speaks with supporters at a Saturday kickoff event:Photo by Bebe Nicholson, author

Kelvin King seems unperturbed about running against former University of Georgia football star Herschel Walker in the upcoming GOP Senate race. Herschel Walker might have name recognition, but King believes he has the background, the experience, and the ideas to win the GOP nomination and beat Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock next November.

King held a kickoff on Saturday for his upcoming ad campaign, attracting a group of enthusiastic supporters who flocked to his office.

“I can check off all the right boxes when it comes to qualifications to represent Georgia in the senate,” King told the group that had assembled to preview the launching of his campaign ad. “I grew up in a single-parent home, I’m a veteran, and a successful businessman.”

Along with popcorn and pecan pie, supporters were able to chat with King’s family and hear him tell a little about his life.

His wife Janelle, son, Christian Ward, and mother and grandmother were happy to talk with supporters about what makes Kelvin King qualified to win the senate seat.

“He always was special,” said King’s mother, and his grandmother agreed.

King’s son, Christian, was living and working in Missouri when his father offered him a job in Georgia. “He was going to be busy with the campaign and needed somebody to help manage his business, so I said yes and came back to Georgia to help,” Christian said.

King, who was born in Macon, Georgia and raised in Mableton, grew up in a single-parent home after his 15-year-old mother left an abusive marriage. Sometimes they struggled to make ends meet, and he learned early to accept responsibility.

His mother and grandmother instilled the values of faith, integrity, and hard work, and King attributes these values to his success.

He was an all-conference football player with the United States Air Force Academy. After graduating from the Academy, he served 5 years in the Air Force and made the rank of Captain before leaving the military and transitioning to corporate America.

King eventually became the general manager of an international construction firm, achieving numerous honors.

When he had saved enough to start his own construction firm, he launched Osprey Management, a firm that has been named the fastest-growing business by the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

King believes he is living the American Dream, and his senate run is his way of trying to preserve the dream for future generations.
King talks about his qualifications and ideas:photo by Bebe Nicholson

His ideas include tax cuts, fewer regulations, safety and good education for our kids, and less reliance on the federal government. He believes these aspirations are in opposition to what the current senator, Raphael Warnock, and other Democrats are advocating for the country.

In August, he spread his message to all 159 counties in Georgia, asking questions about what voters wanted and honing his campaign skills.

King’s wife, Janelle, who is also active in the Republican party, is politically active and well known in her own right. She is a consultant to the GOP for community engagement, public affairs, and diversity initiatives, according to her website.

She is also a board member for The League of Women Voters Atlanta-Fulton chapter, vice president of political affairs and board member for the Atlanta Young Republicans and former chair of the Georgia Black Republican Council.

Together, Janelle and Kelvin created the Speak Georgia program, a series of kitchen-table type discussions about current issues. Janelle also serves as a panelist and commentator on Fox 5 Atlanta’s “The Georgia Gang.”

When she introduced her husband at the Saturday event, Janelle was quick to point out the qualities she believes make Kelvin the right one to be Georgia’s United States senator.

Despite Warnock’s considerable financial backing and support among Democrats, she believes King is what the United States needs during these challenging times.
Janelle King introduces her husband at Saturday event:photo by Bebe Nicholson

Both she and King believe federal government spending is spiraling out of control and putting future generations at risk.

King, who attends the Church of the Apostles, asked his supporters for their prayers. It will be a challenging, uphill battle against formidable odds, but he is confident and optimistic. He believes his background as a successful Black businessman who overcame early disadvantages, his service in the military, and his strong values uniquely qualify him to win the primary in May and beat Warnock in November.

The Saturday crowd that assembled to hear him speak apparently agreed. Everyone I talked with was impressed, eager to help, and certain that Kelvin King is exactly what this country needs in the U.S. Senate.

He doesn’t mind that there are currently five people running in the senate GOP primary, which takes place in May.

“That means there is more likely to be a runoff,” he told his supporters on Saturday.

In addition to Herschel Walker, who is supported by former President Donald Trump, candidates include State Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, Latham Saddler, a banking executive and Navy veteran, along with James Nestor and Jared Craig.

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