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Road Rage Attack on Oakland Teacher Leads to Police Investigation

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A 4th-grade teacher in Uptown Oakland was left shocked and frightened after a driver fired a shot at her vehicle during a road rage incident. Rene Siwa, the teacher, was unharmed but has become apprehensive about driving to work. The Oakland police are currently investigating the case.

Siwa narrated her frightening experience, stating that she was driving on I-5 80 when she spotted an older, dark teal four-door Honda with tinted windows moving unusually slow. She maneuvered her vehicle in front of the Honda and proceeded onto Highway 980, taking the 18th Street exit. Upon stopping at a traffic light, the Honda driver pulled up beside her on the shoulder.

According to Siwa, the driver lowered his window to inform her that she had cut him off and then threatened to shoot her. Siwa initially attempted to apologize but, after seeing the gun, realized the gravity of the situation. As she began to turn left, she heard a sound resembling a pop. It was only after parking her car in the garage that she discovered a bullet had struck her new Hyundai Ioniq six electric sedan.

Since the incident, Siwa has been uneasy about driving to her job as a 4th-grade teacher. She hopes that the perpetrator will be apprehended and removed from the roads to prevent him from causing harm or fear to others. Siwa described the attacker as a man in his 40s with short hair, a smaller build, and driving a dark teal Honda sedan with tinted windows.

As the Oakland police proceed with their investigation, this unsettling event serves as a reminder for drivers to exercise caution on the roads and to remain vigilant of the potential dangers posed by aggressive motorists.

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