Albert Einstein's Brain: Lost in 1955 and found in 1978

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The mystery of the world is its comprehensibility.”– Albert Einstein.

History: Einstein’s brain was lost in 1955 and found in 1978 by a journalist, Steven Levy. Who kept or stole it?

Too often, investigative journalism wins in digging out forgotten stories like the missing Einstein’s brain. A Journalist, Steven Levy, found the disappeared brain in Dr. Thomas S. Harvey's office in Wichita, Kansa. Did Dr. Harvey, a pathologist, steal or preserve Einstein's brain? Steven Levy's article states that the pathologist had a long conversation with him about Einstein's brain, and he saw the brain with his two eyes before leaving his office.

The National Geography dug into this mystery and confirmed that Dr. Harvey held Einstein's brain at that time in his office.

Read the original story here by Steven Levy. It’s a weird story. Is it true? Read the original article and decide if you want to believe it.

In 1978, Steven Levy visited Dr. Havey in his office, and he wrote an article about their conversation. Here is an extract.

"Dr. Harvey pointed out that the conch-shaped mass was Einstein’s cerebellum, the gray blob a chunk of the cerebral cortex, and the stringy stuff a group of aortic vessels. Harvey, still wearing a sheepish grin, thrust his hand into the newspapers and emerged with a large mason jar."
Dr. Harvey explained the fixative process, and told me what part of the brain the chunks were from. Not a word penetrated my own gray cells. I made no objection as he placed the jars back in the newspaper-filled cider box and moved the cooler back to its original position. Dr. Harvey didn’t know it, but I had accomplished my mission. I was too stunned, though, for self-congratulation. We made some more perfunctory conversation, he said he was sorry he couldn’t show me his laboratory or give me scientific data, and he offered to write to Dr. Nathan of Einstein’s estate to see if I could be authorized to receive some more information. I nodded, but my heart was not in it. Having seen the object of my search, the scientific details seemed superfluous."

What do you think of Dr. Havey's intention? Where is Einsteins's brian located today? Join the conversation and share your view.


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