The dog park love story

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Tiffany met her husband, Tom, thirty years ago in a dog park. The fun part is after thirty years; they continue to go to the same park to play with their dogs.

I moved to a new city without friends or family. It was not easy, but my dog helped. I was grateful I paid more for my dog to travel with me. Back then, it was cutthroat to put a dog in an airplane. I’m glad things have changed, and it is now relatively easy to fly your dog.

One Friday after work, I walked my dog to the nearby park and met other dog owners. Afterward, I saw a stranger wearing khaki dress pants and a pink long sleeve starched shirt. I remember that day and a pink shirt; he still has that shirt in his closet.

I hadn’t seen the pink-shirt man in the park before that day. He was walking and minding his own business. I looked at his pink shirt, and he seemed familiar, as if I had known him for a long time. I started to debate if I should say hello or not. He walked past me again and again. The fourth time, he stopped and asked, “Can I share a seat." He pointed to the bench next to mine. "Yes, of course," I replied with a killer smile. In those days, the park had two small benches and a small panic table.

He quickly introduced himself as Tom. That started our friendship, which lasted about seven months before our first date at a pizza place near my apartment. I can still remember our first date, which lasted for about three hours, and we were thrilled we met each other.

We married a year later and have been together for three decades. What about the dog park? We still go there with our dogs. The park is more beautiful than the day we met.
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Love is everywhere. Open your eyes, ears, and heart for a relationship surprise.

What is your love story? Share your story below. Thanks for joining the conversation. Happy Sunday!

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