Fiction Series: The theater of friendship and true love

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I found a friend and a helper, the secret of two friends and hope. Our loyalty and love trump everything.

"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." -- Walter Winchell.

I found a friend and a helper.

Serwa's story

I deeply think about how I started a friendship with my faithful friend, Paris.

It happened in my ninth-grade math class, where everything was foreign to me. I was overwhelmed with a new desk, new classmates with different accents from mine, and a massive school building.

Everything was strange, and I believed I was weird to my teachers and classmates. The only thing in my favor that morning was I locked eyes with Paris. Later that day, I had the upper hand in math class because the algebra our teacher taught I had learned two years prior.

I had a victory with my superpower, and my friendship with Paris blossomed.

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." – Lao-Tzu

I am forty-one and live in Stillwater, OK. If you love football, you know a little about Oklahoma. OK is a conservative state, and sometimes, they go liberal. I remember when we had a great man, Gov. Brad Henry. Then, things were joyful for everyone in our beloved state.

My inspirational story

My story with my friend, Paris, is an inspirational story for you to learn and believe in the power of true friendship, love, and hope.

As we all know, true love is rare, but it exists. True love is like a ghost story many people talk about, dream about, and want, but it rarely happens. True love is like becoming a trillionaire.

Are you in love with yourself?

Find true love in you first, and then hope to find it in someone else one day.

I met Paris in high school when I moved from Ghana to the United States. I was thirteen, and she was fourteen. We clicked right from the beginning. We were both not popular but involved in AP classes, school plays, debate teams, and writing for the school newspaper.

After high school

After high school, we both attended The University of Oklahoma. We worked hard; I became a high school teacher, and Paris became a pharmacist.

She got married at twenty-seven, and I got married at thirty-one. We both were in love with our spouses as we knew it. But it didn't take long for our marriages to become a World War II.

Paris' husband was envious of his wife and too lazy to use his mind.

I remember when my friend first introduced me to her boyfriend, Peter. I had my reservation about the man. Both were young, and Pater had a job at the post office where he made less than Paris, and it wasn't a problem.

I asked Paris what her then-boyfriend did after work. She happily answered, "Peter likes to stay home and play video games. He is a good family man."

There was no side job or taking college classes to self-improve or learn a new skill. The young man lived a few minutes away and could walk from OKC community college, which was free for federal employees. I didn't say anything because I respected my friend and was not in a position to question her judgment. "Peter is a good family man."

In my culture, we don't add sugar or salt to a person's choice of spouse. We moved on, and they got married.

Afterward, Paris brought up a conversation about Peter. We had an intelligent discussion, and she seemed to love her twenty-five-year-old husband. She was twenty-seven; we hoped things would improve.

People rarely change their core values, especially the almighty work ethic. Watch out.

I got married at thirty-one, and two years later, I discovered I couldn't have children. My husband and I talked about having children, but after doctors informed me of my medical condition, darkness fell in our household.

Infertility at thirty-three was painful because it was my turn. What next?

Part II continues next week.

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Serwa's story is fiction and was first published on another website. I appreciate you joining the conversation. Share your view below. Thank you.

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