Fiction series. Family secret: My dad is my mom's brother

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Part Four: Recently, my husband died of a drug overdose, and now my mom, Jena, shared a family secret -- Is he my uncle or what?

"Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away."--Elvis Presley.

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Truth Revealed.

My mom's story continues:

"The school administrators were the first to know about my pregnancy. By then, I was 20 weeks pregnant. Why? While I studied for final exams in the school library, I fell asleep for hours, and missed half of the day's classes. The counselor took me into her office, asked me questions, did a pregnancy test, and confirmed I was pregnant."

"I came to Greens in October and by January of the following year, I was pregnant. The school doctor confirmed that I was 20 weeks pregnant. The school administrators closed my pregnancy case without any further investigation."

"John had everyone on the school board and City Hall in his pocket, including his wife. He and his family were big donors to our exclusive private high school and city capital projects. John told his wife that he was the father of my child without any remorse or an apology. I think she already knew about his history more than others."

I looked at my mother and shook my head in disbelief. How could my mom be treated like this?

Mom continued her story.

"The next day, Mrs. Greens treated me kindly and put me on the next plane back to my parents. I didn't know why she was so kind to me at the time. I now know she was practicing the culture of the rich to protect her brand and her wealth from scandal."

"When I arrived in Oklahoma, I saw John lording it over everyone. I was shocked that he was already in our home, taking charge of our parents' decision-making. My mother appeared embarrassed, fearful, and sick. She said to no one in particular, 'I hate everything here, and I hate my life.'"

"I was annoyed at my parents' new house and hated my parents and John. My mom was crying, looked small, and seemed depressed in the fancy house. My grandparents came in and were more concerned about John going to prison for the abuse than my mom or me. They seemed to value their adult grandson more than their teen granddaughter. It was painful and disgusting."

The kind of individual that you see on the outside, is never the same person on the inside. — Jonathan Anthony Burkett.

My observation and thought: "Jena seems relaxed. I'm restless and doubting what I'm hearing." Listen, I am being honest with myself.

Women always reveal their deepest secrets to each other. — Liane Moriarty

CPS and the Police

Jena continued her story:

"The rich are judges and prosecutors of any crime they commit. Wealth and power reign and my parents decided not to call the police or child protection services. But they brought in the pastor of our church, my grandparents, and a family lawyer to our home."

"John held a meeting and said he would marry me when I turned sixteen. He would do anything our parents wanted. He loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. My parents said, okay, without a debate."

"Our family lawyer made many demands, including one million dollars, or she would call CPS and the police. John appeared pissed off and suggested not calling the police because it would make things worse for everyone, and they could lose the case."

I thought, “lose a rape case?”

"John asked our pastor and grandparents to intervene. It seemed he spoke with our pastor and grandparents before meeting with our parents. Our pastor became their spokesperson and encouraged my parents to see the good in a terrible situation."

"The pastor shared a bombshell:  John was not my biological brother. He was an abandoned teenager, adopted by my parents. My grandparents confirmed the family secret for the first time and casually stressed that 'all things can work together for good. It's a family matter.' I hated my grandparents' attitude until they passed away a decade ago."

"Rapists and their supporters always find excuses or blame others for their crimes." - Jena.

Part V continues next Sunday.

  1. What do you think of John?
  2. How can you prevent child abuse in your home or house of worship?
  3. Have you ever betrayed your best friend or your spouse?
  4. Who do you think is likely to abuse a child?

The Takeaways

This story is a work of fiction. I hope Jena's story gives us something to think about and a few life lessons. I appreciate you. Thank you for being here.

See you next Sunday.

Sexual abuse of children now presents society with the ultimate crisis of patriarchy, when children refuse to protect their fathers by keeping secrets. — Beatrix Campbell.


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