Fiction series. Family secret: My dad is my mom's brother

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Part Three: Recently, my husband died of a drug overdose, and now my mom, Jena, shared a family secret - Is he my uncle or what?

"The truth sets us free, but it first makes us miserable." --Sandra Wilson.

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"There are secrets in all families, you know."--Jane Austen.

Part III: My mom, Jena, continued her story

"The heartless man, John. I told him I hadn't done anything like that before; he forced himself on me; I cried and fought him with all my power. But John Greens overpowered me, taped my mouth with a blue tape he brought from his home office. While holding my mouth with his left hand, John raped me that night for the first time; I was fourteen."

Jena remained silent for a few seconds and continued.

"The abuse became a nightly event. John got used to it, and it became his hobby. He was happy and excited in the house. The abuse got worse when Mrs. Greens was in the hospital for cancer treatment for four days."

"The Greens' happy household turned moody except for John. The dinners were dull as the children, maids, and other employees lost their appetites and worried about Mrs. Greens. She was a lovely and kind woman."

"Mrs. Greens returned home healthy and in recovery. Things returned to normal as we knew it, and the never-ending rape continued anytime John got a chance--it happened in the guest bathroom, during dinner time, in the garage, and tennis court."

Again, I interrupted Jena, "Mom, why didn't you tell someone or run away. You were fourteen and in high school."

Jena remained silent for a few minutes. Then it occurred to me that we have different points of view regarding rape survivors. Maybe this rape experience drove her strong opposition to prominent rapists and rape defenders in NY.

Why was my mom sharing her rape story now, and why this horrible story after my husband passed away?

My thought: "My mom is a savvy woman, and I would find out why. I hope she does not have cancer. She is almost forty-one and looks somewhat worried."

My mom continued without answering my questions directly.

"I got pregnant after six months in the Greens' home. I was a high school student, and John Greens was an adult and a powerful man with money and fame. Do you remember former President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky?"

Me: I was somewhat embarrassed and chose not to answer her question.

"There are secrets in all families, you know."- Jane Austen

My mom continued with her story.

"As I suffered nightly rapes, I heard that John bought a beautiful house for our parents. Our parents were excited when we talked on the telephone. They couldn't wait for me to visit during the summer. Everyone talked about the lovely house in Oklahoma while I was being abused every night and sometimes, early in the morning before school."

"I don't know why I didn't say something. I was somewhat assertive and friendly with Mrs. Greens and her three boys. I was like her daughter, and she treated me like a princess. Her three boys protected me outside the house, and they didn't know their loving father abused me underneath their noses."

"All our maids, nannies, and other employees in the house knew what was going on except Mrs. Greens and her three boys. Mrs. Greens was a kind woman and acted as the CEO of her household. I didn't know if she had a career or business. Later, I learned she was an heir to John's companies and wealth. Her family trusted John with their wealth, not her because of her gender. John was a classic gold digger."

She smirked and continued.

"Mrs. Greens was a beautiful woman and treated her employees kindly. I was served and waited on as her children. We earned money on our jobs, went on mini-vacations, and shopped at high-end stores. Around late spring, I knew I was pregnant because I felt something moving in my belly. The Greens didn't know, but I suspected our house manager did."

Me: "I'm in agony."

My thought: "Is this true?"

Part IV continues next Sunday.

Have you ever been betrayed by a family member or a friend? Have you ever betrayed your friend or your spouse?

This story is a work of fiction and for your encouragement, empowerment, and inspiration. Jena's story can help us learn life lessons from each character and live better. Help yourself grow.

See you next Sunday.--BY.

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