Fiction series. Family secret: My dad is my mom's brother

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Part Two: Is he my uncle or what? Recently, my husband died of a drug overdose, and now my mom, Jena, shared a family secret .

"The truth sets us free, but it first makes us miserable." --Sandra Wilson.

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“Family secrets are like vampires. They never really die and can always come back to bite you.”- Alberta J. McMorris

Part II.Truth confrontation: My mom, Jena, continued with her story

"We arrived at the Greens' home -- the house was big, pleasant, and cheerful. Mrs. Greens requested a young woman to take me to my room, which I later discovered was one of the VIP rooms, and the main bedroom was in the corner. The room was as large as our three bedrooms in OKC."

"During dinner time, Mrs. Greens took the time to introduce me to her three boys, maids, and others. She was dressed in a colorful and attractive top with full makeup, and Mr. Greens joined the table late. He explained how he stopped at the store to pick up a birthday card and gift for one of his staff."

"I observed how Mr. and Mrs. Greens treated everyone with love and respect. It was different from how my dad treated his employees, children, and my mom. On my first night, I was afraid to sleep in a big bed and a large room by myself. I told Mrs. Greens, and she suggested leaving the door open and the light on until I got used to my new room."

"Things in the household were enjoyable. Mrs. Greens always went to bed before her husband, whose home office was near the living room. He worked late and watched a lot of TV. Sometimes, I would hear him heading to his bedroom after midnight or early morning."

Sometimes, I would hear him heading to his bedroom after midnight or early morning.Mr. Greens worked late and watched a lot of TV."

I remember one evening when we returned from tennis practice; we ate dinner early because Mr. and Mrs. Greens hosted six guests from our private high school. They were the school's newly elected board members, and at the table, Mr. Greens kept looking at me throughout the meal."

"The truth sets us free, but it first makes us miserable." - Sandra Wilson.

"I attended an exclusive private high school with my three nephews. I felt out of place, but Mrs. Greens wanted me to feel at home, so she called the school counselor to help me make new friends. They treated me well, but it was challenging to make good friends; the mean girls did not want to be friends, and the other girls ignored me. Sycophants were all over the place, so I was often alone during lunch and field trips."

I interrupted Jena and asked, "You attended the same private school with your nephews."

Jena continues:

"Yes, the Greens treated me as their three boys. We had the same job on weekends, and I was paid the same rate as their boys. Mrs. Greens was the best person I have ever known. After a few weeks in the Greens' mansion, I became homesick, and I continued to keep the light on and my bedroom door open at night.

Then one night, Mr. Greens walked into my room. He climbed into my bed and touched me. He promised to buy a new house for my parents and help my siblings with college tuition. The man promised me everything on earth. I told him I had not done anything like that before, and he tried to rape me. I fought him, but he had his way. He was a tall man with power and fame."

We sat in silence.

"The truth sets us free, but it first makes us miserable." --Sandra Wilson.

Part III continues next Sunday.

This story is a work of fiction and was first published on another website.


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