Learn to make cabbage and pepper snacks

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BY Recipe: Raw pepper and cabbage snacks. The two snacks are plant-based, inexpensive, and tasty snacks for adults and children.

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Cabbage and pepper snacks can work for kids. It is a good snack for vegans and vegetarians.

Cabbage is a vegetable, pepper is a fruit, and both are plant-based food.

The snack is easy to prepare, and anyone can make it. Children under ten need supervision from a parent or nanny. Pepper or cabbage snacks can be a side food for lunch or dinner. Please do what you want with it. Be creative and add your favorite spices.

No food preparation experience is required.

Learn to make raw cabbage and pepper snacks

Makes: Six servings,

Prep time: 10-15minutes.

What you need

  • 10-15 minutes,
  • A cleaned cutting board or kitchen counter,
  • Paper towel,
  • Knife,
  • Flat plate.

Required Ingredients

  • One head of green or red cabbage,
  • Use two large-sized green, red, yellow, or orange pepper.

Optional ingredients

  • Lemon juice to taste.


Step 1.

  • Clean your cutting board or kitchen counter and covers it with a cleaned paper towel (for safety),
  • Wash your cabbage thoroughly with running water,
  • Wash your pepper.

Step 2.

  • Wash your hands,
  • Dry the vegetable and fruit with a clean paper towel,
  • Divide the cabbage into two or four sections. Be creative and cut it the way you desire ( see photo below),
  • Chop or cut each part to your taste.

Step 3.

  • Wash your hands,
  • Use your hands to break the pepper and remove the seeds,
  • Chop or cut each part of the pepper the way you want.

Step 4.

  • Your snack is ready (See photos below),
  • Serve with water.

Raw cabbage and pepper snacks can work for vegans and vegetarians.

You can create a snack from many fruits and vegetables. Be creative and use what works for your taste. A personal Chef is recommended if you choose not to make your meal or don't have the time to cook. Check Google for your local personal Chef. And some of the Chefs' fees are lower than what we pay our hairstylist or nail technician.

"Help yourself grow."-- BY.




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