Fiction: My secret visit to Heaven and Hell

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My secret visit to these two places was unscheduled. Things got better in Hell than in Heaven the first time, but Hellfire let loose before I knew it. Learn more.
Gates to HellDan Meyers

My name is Paris, and I live in Hell.

Christians believe that some will go to Heaven and some will go to Hell when they die.

Heaven is a place full of joy with good food and friendly people, and everything is like a five-star hotel.

Hell is a 24/7 burning fire and is like the rundown neighborhood where the Devil rules with an iron fist—a lot of suffering, never-ending blazing fire, and torture.


My first visit was to Hell.

I used the elevator to Hell, and I was welcome by a well-mannered woman. And I was shocked to observe that Hell looked like a five-star hotel. I was served and assigned a beautiful room and a maid.

Per instructions, my time in Hell was twenty-three hours. Then the Hell gatekeeper directed me to visit Heaven. While on the elevator, I was still thinking about the Heaven my Pastor preached on Sundays and wondered how fantastic Heaven would be.


I arrived at the gate of Heaven, and the unpleasant gatekeeper directed me to a narrow hallway. I was disappointed with everyone and everything. It was a nice place, but it was not what my Pastor talked about on Sundays. I did not see honey or friendly people.

People in Hell were happier, healthier, wiser, and wealthier than people in Heaven. The unhappy Heaven boss assigned me a room, which was nasty with a dirty mattress and no pillow.

After 36 hours, the heaven boss asked me to choose which place I wanted to live in forever.

I did not think twice and answered, “I want to live in Hell.” He smiled for the first time and said, “That is a good choice; enjoy.”

My second visit to Hell

Heaven’s gatekeeper escorted me to the Hell elevator, and I was excited to return to Hell.

I arrived at the Hell gate, and the gatekeeper opened the door. I almost passed out.

The new gatekeeper was a Devil who had horns on his head and lost teeth. He screamed at me to get inside and band the iron gate on my right hand.

Everything was different from the first time I visited Hell.

There was noise, cries, and confusion. Dirty floors, people were half-clothed, and hundreds of people were fighting for small French fries.

I was shaken and asked Chief Satan what happened with what I saw the other day.

He ignored me and later told me, “The day you came was Christmas; the only day Hell was better than Heaven.”

I hope to return to Heaven soon. I am working out a deal with Satan.


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