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Be creative and organize your closet. If you are busy, you can hire a professional organizer. Learn more.

Organizing a closet:

“Don’t agonize. Organize.” — Floryncy Kennedy.
  1. Get everything out of the closet. If you have a large walk-in closet, put everything down.

Is your closet a 700 or 35 sqft? No worries. The closet or room size doesn’t matter; it is the same technique to organize a small or large space.

2. Empty and clean all the containers.

If you want to improve your life, clean out your closet. Often what we hold onto hold us back — Cheryl Richardson.

3. Take a 3-minute break. Picture how you want your life to look  — organized, accessible, or light.

4. Sort all your stuff into six places —keep, sell, give, hold, unique, trash, and others. Be creative on how you want to sort your things.

  • Trash is everything that is unusable, distasteful, and has a bad memory. Put unwanted clothing in the trash can.
  • Unique is everything you enjoy and use occasionally. Pack them nicely into an attractive basket or box and put them on top of your closet or far right of your wardrobe.
  • The hold is everything you’re not sure if you want to keep or not. Pack the clothing into a moving box. Take the box to your garage, guest room, basement, or under your bed. If, after 18 months, you don’t remember the box, donate it to a local Goodwill store.
  • Give all the things you don’t want to a charity of your choice. For example, a Goodwill store or donate to people who need your valuable stuff.
  • Sell your things with tags or new on a garage sale or your website.
  • Take a break for five minutes and reflect on all your keeps. Ask yourself why you are keeping each item.

5. Meditate or pray and rest for a minute.

6. Sort all your keeps into   the house, work, play, your best, and freedom.

  • House: House clothing goes into a small basket. Put the basket on the floor or top of the shelf. Take the time to fold each item the way you desire.
  • Work :  Double up to five blouses in one hanger and cover them with a jacket or suit. Do the same with trousers/pants, shirts, and tops. All past season clothing goes under the winter or spring coat and jackets — hang them on the far left of your closet. Or hang each item as you prefer based on the size of your wardrobe.
  • Play : Fold nicely your workout clothing, underwear, scarf, and socks into a cute basket, box, or bag.
  • Your best:  These are for professional meetings, presentations, and others. Hang them close to seasonal clothing or far left of your closet
  • Freedom: Freedom clothing expresses your personality. Hang them in the middle of the closet with the same technique you use for — work. Hang or place belts, hats, or sweaters on the right side of your wardrobe.
  • Treat each item as respectfully as you treat yourself.

7. Shoe location:  Store them on the selves far away from the clothing. If you don’t have enough space in your closet, find a place in your home to keep your shoes — basement, garage, under your bed, bathroom cabinets, and others.

Hire a professional:

If you are busy, you can hire a professional organizer. A professional organizer can help you organize your house as a dry cleaner helps with dry cleaning. Also, a professional organizer can teach you organizing skills and clutter reduction.

Be creative and organize your space every day.


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.

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