Fitness, healthy relationship, and happiness. Learn more.

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Everyone wants to be happy with themselves. Our physical health, including fitness and exercise also significantly impacts our level of happiness.
Fitness and HappinessWendy Wei

Everyone wants to be happy and things to know.

To many people, happiness means being at peace with yourself and your loved ones. Therefore, the key to happiness is working on a healthy relationship with yourself. To develop this relationship, we often assume the areas to focus on are our minds and hearts.

But, physical health, including fitness and exercise, also significantly impacts our level of happiness.

Fitness can increase your happiness. Learn more.

I. Does Fitness Mean Deprivation?

When someone decides to “get fit,” they often assume that their happiness only comes when they reach their fitness goals.

So, what are your fitness goals?

It may be:

  • Losing a certain number of pounds
  • Performing an athletic feat like running the Boston marathon
  • Or never-ending counting calories.

Transformative goals like the above are often grueling and can feel like punishments on our bodies and minds. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Exercise shouldn’t hurt; it should heal.

Going through a fitness journey can be a fun and fulfilling experience. Exercise shouldn’t hurt; it should heal. Unfortunately, many people jump in too fast to exercise, primarily if they haven’t worked out in a while. Do what you enjoy doing, for instance, walking or running.

II. Exercise Boosts Your Mood:

The positive links between exercise and mental health have been studied extensively. For example, the Journal of Happiness Studies research found that small amounts of activity such as a 10-minute workout can positively impact happiness.

Similarly, the Annals of Behavioral Medicine published a study recommending that older adults stay active due to the evidence of enhanced psychological well-being that results from an active lifestyle.

Studies perform their analysis based on interviews with participants before, during, and after introducing exercise into their lives. Participants are asked a series of questions to understand whether they feel happier, healthier, and have a more positive outlook on life. In addition to these qualitative findings, research supports the measurable positive impacts of physical activity.
Fitness and HappinessAndrea Piacquadio

Endorphins are pain-relieving and stress-relieving chemicals that our bodies produce when we exercise. These chemicals make us feel less stressed.

Evening walk helps me relax and sleep well at night.

If you ever have a stressful day at work, try going for a run or a brisk walk once you get home. You might find that physical activity calms you down and resets your perspective on things.

Stress is an apparent cause of unhappiness. No one likes experiencing the clenched stomach, racing mind, and frazzled nervous system that happen when you get stressed out.

So burning off the negative energy that builds up stress is a great way to combat it. Then once you’ve attacked the physical aspects of stress, you’ll find that your approach to happiness will be more accessible.

Our bodies are built to release endorphins under these circumstances. They are an easy, free, and fun way to practice self-love.

For example, take yourself for a walk anytime you feel down, and the endorphins will help you get back to feeling like yourself.

III. Diet Helps Your Happiness:

Food can bring immediate comfort in times of trouble. For example, ice cream is often a great way to feel better if you feel sad. However, it is essential to remember that the mental boost from eating something tasty yet unhealthy will be short-lived.

True, ice cream tastes good. But the long-term impacts of a healthy diet will deliver a lot more benefits to your overall level of happiness.

The Mayo Clinic’s Handbook for Happiness recommends that eating a healthy diet is an excellent way to have a healthy mind. As the saying goes, “you are what you eat,” but it is a valuable reminder when debating between the immediate boost you will get from binging on junk food versus the long-term growth you will get from a healthy lifestyle.

For example, a scope of ice cream every afternoon tastes good. But the long-term impacts of a healthy diet will deliver a lot more benefits to your overall level of happiness.

IV. Fitness Helps You Avoid Illness:

A healthy lifestyle that includes being physically and mentally fit can also help you avoid several types of illness. According to the CDC, physical activity can help improve your health to such a degree that you have a better chance of preventing many diseases such as heart issues, diabetes, and many more.

Any chronic disease can become a vast inhibitor to happiness, as stress levels immediately increase as you try to manage the illness. Being fit and healthy is the best approach to avoiding situations like these, and therefore is another reason fitness can help you get and stay happy.

For example, walking half a mile once or twice per week and increasing the routine as your body tells you can help your heart and joints.


Do happiness and create fitness in your relationship--fitness can increase your happiness. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, or just feeling down, incorporating regular exercise and a healthier diet in your life is a great way to get back to feeling like yourself — happiness.

Happiness is not just a feeling; it is an overall state of being. Happiness exists in your whole person, whole body, and whole self — healthy living/fitness.

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