3 Things To Check Before Remodeling Your Basement

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Remodeling your basement can be a beneficial investment for the future. Not only will it increase your home’s value, but it will also provide you and your family with a new space. Basements are highly versatile, and with a bit of remodeling, you can recreate them into whatever room you want.

However, remodeling basements can be highly challenging. There are a lot of moving parts and processes to go through. Not to mention, it can be costly and stressful if things don’t go as planned.

Before you can decorate your new space, depending on the condition of your basement, you might need to do extra work to ensure that your basement is free from damages and issues.

In this article, we’re going to discuss three things you need to check before you remodel your basement and transform it into your dream living space.

Check For Signs of Moisture

Water in the basement is a formula for disaster. It can cost a lot to repair, and finding out that you have signs of moisture later on, can be an expensive home improvement project.

So, always check for sources of moisture before you even start remodeling your basement and during the process.

Take the time to walk around your basement and inspect every area for leaks or cracks. Fill in any cracks you spot and fix any leaky pipes you see. Also, pay attention to damp areas since it might be a sign to repair your gutters or reroute the water flow away from your home.

If you’re unsure, consult your contractor to find out what’s best for your basement and home.

Check Your Foundation

Before you begin construction and start tearing down your basement, observe the state of your home’s foundation. Sometimes it’s common to find leaks or cracked walls which means your foundation needs to be repaired.

When left unchecked, water from soil can seep into your basement and cause more significant problems later on. Cracks in your foundation are likely to occur because they can develop from walls settling or stress. As a result, your concrete weakens and can lead to foundation issues in the future.

So, if you spot any foundation problems, be quick to make proper repairs before you start remodeling your basement.

Eliminate Mold

Mold thrives in moist environments such as basements. If left untreated, your basement will be infested with mold and a lot of bacteria. They will continue to grow even after you’ve given your basement a good wipe down.

After checking for signs of moisture, the next step is to check for signs of mold growth. On hard surfaces, they are reasonably easy to remove. On porous surfaces, they might be more challenging to clean.

So, if you spot any dark spots or any musty smells, it might be time to call a mold specialist to give you a hand in cleaning your basement.

Wrapping Up

Remodeling your basement can be a fun project and a great way to spice up your home. It’s also a worthwhile investment since it can increase your home’s value. However, it’s a daunting process and can be expensive, which is why you should do it right the first time.

Before you start remodeling your basement, remember to do your research, find a trustworthy contractor, and check these three things to ensure that your basement’s transformation will go smoothly.

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