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California and dogs: getting ready for this summer season has never been easier!

Barbara Fava
Take care of your sweet pup for the upcoming summer season in California!Chris_69

While the good weather is finally ready to allow us having highly enjoyable weekends, it's time also for some reminders about our furry best friends.

Here in California, it's plenty of activities to share with our dogs, including visiting many local pet friendly businesses such as cafès and restaurants like those on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

But there are also many of us who truly enjoy hiking around the Hollywood's hills, or perhaps, following and exploring the trails surrounding San Diego.

For a pet parent, their dog's happiness and health are of utmost priority.

To ensure your dog’s health, familiarize yourself with the most common dog problems, including arthritis, obesity, dental illnesses, allergies, skin infections, benign tumors, parasites, ear infections, and more.

Beware of the potential signs and symptoms to look out for to determine if your dog is unwell.

This article discusses five key points for keeping your dog healthy.

Invest in proper nutrition.
My American Staffordshire Terrier Sky living his best life in summer.Barbara Fava

Feeding your canine friend the correct type of food and amount enables them to maintain a healthy weight, increasing their lifespan and preventing obesity-related concerns.

To ensure your dog meets its nutritional requirements, provide a balanced diet, including quality food.

You can find nutritious, healthy pet food from trusted and certified vendors such as Earthborn Holistic dog food.

Consult your veterinarian to determine if your dog requires supplements to compensate for any dietary deficiencies.

Give your dog enough water and limit their treats as advised by your veterinarian to control their calorie intake.

Ensure timely vaccinations.

Vaccines are designed to activate protective immune responses and ready the immune system to infections and diseases.

They stimulate the dog’s immunity system to produce antibodies that pick and destroy illness-causing organisms.

Ensuring timely dog vaccinations prevents multiple dog illnesses, expensive treatments for treatable diseases, and more.

Sticking to your veterinarian's vaccination schedule lessens the possibility of protection gaps. Familiarize yourself with any vaccination side effects and seek medical attention if they get out of control.

Stick to a regular exercise routine.

Exercising offers mental stimulation to your dog and keeps them happy and active, reducing obesity risks and prolonging their lives.

On-leash walks allow you control over every situation, while off-leash walks let the dog take control of their pace.

Swimming is an excellent way to exercise and burn calories.

Consider dog sports, group activities, and smart toys for proper dog workouts.

The amount of exercise your dog needs depends on their energy levels, age, breed, and health condition.

Consulting your dog's vet can help you identify the best activities for your dog.

Take your dog for regular checkups.

All pets should get a physical medical exam at least once a year to ensure they’re always at their best. These annual dog checkups enable you to monitor and track your canine’s vital signs to detect any health issues before they can get out of control and get them treated immediately.

Chronic illnesses like arthritis and diabetes are better managed if diagnosed early.

Organize a regular checkup routine with your dog’s vet and stick to it to ensure its health and long life.

Consider regular dog grooming.

Regular dog grooming can benefit their health, hygiene, and happiness.

Cleaning and getting rid of dirt buildup and dead skin improves your pet's hygiene, leaving the dog smelling nice.

Professional dog grooming helps identify and treat fleas, detect any skin issues early, and reduce ear infection risks.

As we are getting ready for summer here in San Diego, and you may start taking your dog to the beach with you, check his or her ears very often.

Resides of water, sand and in general, humidity and dirt can cause pretty bad ear infections.

Make sure to either protect their ears or dry them well as soon as they come back from bathing.

It also reduces shedding and makes the dog look tidy.

When grooming at home, use the right tools and products to protect your dog’s overall health.

In conclusion...

Every pet parent wants their canine friend to be healthy, happy, and live longer.

Consider using these key points to keep your dog healthy and get ready for your San Diegans summer with your best friend!

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