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She is from Los Angeles and she shares secrets about Hollywood stars.

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A frame from one of the videos.Jane Tiktok

We all love Hollywood gossips, but when the tea is spilled and recreated in a video on Tiktok, it is even better.

Jane is a blonde, beautiful, curly actress living in Los Angeles, California.


She was born half American and half German, but she has lived in Europe for a long time.

She says she hates her accent and works as an actress.

But according to the hundreds of comments about it, her fans love the way she sounds.

TikTok and Hollywood stories.


Story was sent to me! Would be great to receive a positive one about her ;) ##story ##tea ##storytime ##actor

♬ Blue Blood - Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

Little she knew, back in time when she opened her TikTok account, that she would have become a source for Hollywood gossips.

Jane uses her talent to recreate facts and stories sent to her through Instagram's private messages.

And here it is where her account becomes juicy: all the stories she recreates come from people close to Hollywood stars, so ex-lovers, managers, workers, stand-ins, etc.

This is the reason people want to keep their names anonymous so that they can't be sued.

Jane uses the information to recreate stories and give them a touch of humor, making her Instagram account even more attractive and famous.

Her TikTok videos have become viral as she had reached over 10 million views on June 2021.

All this success led her to start growing a fanbase of over 330 thousand followers on TikTok.Though she makes disclaimers that these are stories sent to her, there are still people thinking that she has been living all of these situations.

On her Instagram, it is seen that many people try to contact her with their own stories.

She replies to them, but she doesn't accept any new anonymous stories, as she filtered out every single one of those potential trolls.

Her videos are acted but without any dialogue except short sentences resuming the facts.

Britney and her gold cage.


Her videos are viral and very well-known among Britney Spears fans.

Jane proposes very often videos about the queen of pop music.


She also ordered pizza for everyone at the game. Such an angel 😩 Story was sent to me. ##storytime ##story ##tea ##singer

♬ Tea at Tiffani's - Orchestra Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

Her videos are shared in forums dedicated to the queen of pop Britney to support the theories behind the Free Britney movement.

But Miss Spears is not the only Hollywood star portrayed in the videos Jane posts on her account.

A long list.

Jane never says the names in the videos, but she likes the comments of those followers who guess it right.


Go follow mercedesvelez12 on Insta! Dm me your stories on Insta πŸ’— ##story ##storytime ##actor ##singer

♬ Coming of Age - Blondes

Among the stars, Mariah Carey, Brie Larson, Scarlett Johanson, Stan Lee, Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Beckham, Victoria Adams, Justin Bieber, and the list goes on with many other names of Hollywood.

Jane has revealed that she receives hundreds of messages for each video she posts on her account.

Over time, she got accustomed to this level of messages, and she started taking it as a challenge.

While also making her followers laugh by fabricating situations for Hollywood stars such as herself.

She rarely answers anything, and when she does, it is very short.

A touching story about Robin Williams.

She even made a video about the struggles faced by Robin Williams when he started to manifest the signs of his condition.

The person who told Jane the story explained how he used to come in in the coffee shop where this person was working, and he used to ask for a chai-latte for months.

Until the day Mister Williams started forgetting what he used to order.


The person who shared this story recalls how she helped him in remembering it.

After that day, the personal assistant was sent to the coffee shop.

And unfortunately, we all know the tragic end of the life of Robin Williams, one of the most loved actors worldwide.

Aside from this and other heart-touching stories, Jane shares liters of spilled tea through her comedy videos.

Jane posts every other day, so you will never run out of videos to laugh, think about and have fun while watching them.

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