Amy Carlson: from leader to mummy decorated with Christmas lights. What happened in the Love Has Won cult?

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Amy Carlson in one of the last photos shared by her on her social media.LovehasWonexposed Facebook

If the name Amy Carlson does not ring a bell, after reading this bizarre horror story, you may find yourself googling it to know more about her.

Amy Carlson was a Mcdonald's employee and a faithful wife until 2015.

After the failure of her third marriage, she decides to leave her husband and found the cult called Love Has Won, making herself the leader of it.

Amy Carlson has always been an assertive woman, even when she was a child.

She was not afraid of making decisions and following through with them, even if it meant standing up to her own parents.

It is not a surprise that Ms. Carlson, self-proclaimed Mother-God of her cult, brainwashed several people in her delirious project.

At the moment of her death, her cult was counting with 12-20 members.

From Wikipedia, I was able to find that:

The group preached that Carlson was a divine being 19 billion years old, had been reincarnated 534 times, and would lead 144,000 people into a mystical 5th dimension.

Carlson said she could cure cancer with love energy and travel to various Earth locations and other planets in the solar system.

Carlson was featured in a documentary by VICE when she was alive and declared in the interview that she had been trying to help humanity for the past 19 billion years.

On her website, dedicated to her cult, she introduced herself as:

534th reincarnation in my quest to recover my beloved Planet, the Center of the Universe, and the first Planet I created.

Mother God wanted a Father God.
Amy Carlson in a frame from a video.Youtube

A former member, who left the group a few years ago, added more information to the already incredible story.

Andrew, who is one of the many male companions of the woman, declared that

She thinks she is the Earth in a human body. She thinks she is the Mother of all Creation.

Andrew joined the group when his best friend died in an accident, and he needed some spiritual support.

Amy elected Andrew as Father God as the other half of Mother God.

The two gods who created the universe.

The man recalls that he was providing for every need she had.

But she had a bad relationship with drinking: she used to drink ten shots of vodka a night and lose her cognitive abilities.

"She ascended".
Amy Carlson in one of the last photos shared by her on her social media.LovehasWonexposed Facebook

On 29 April, the authorities searched a home near Crestone, Colorado, where members of the religious group were based.

The police, tipped by a former member, knew that the group had sneaked the lifeless body of Amy Carlson from Oregon, all the way to Colorado.

And the tip was correct.

The deputies found the decaying rest of what appeared to have been in that status for several weeks, if not for a month.

The body was found wrapped in a sleeping bag, decorated with Christmas lights and the eyeless sockets filled with glitter.

All displayed in a sort of shrine.

The discovery took to the arrest of seven people, all cult members living with the mummified body: Juan Castillo, Ryan Kramer, John Robertson, Karin Raymond, Christopher Royer, Sara Rudolph, and Franco Gonzalez.
The members of Love Has WonSaguache County Sheriff's Office

Juan Castillo is believed to be the new leader.

The officials involved in the operation also revealed that another member of the group, Jerry Anderson, was found dead a few weeks ago in a hotel room.

He had died of natural causes.

The other five were released while two of them remain in custody.

In one of the latest photos of the former leader, she appeared emaciated, with thin hair and purplish skin.

This may have been caused by the amounts of colloidal silver she was taking daily.

The Daily Beast reported, citing a county coroner, that colloidal silver is sometimes used in dietary supplements.

But there is no evidence the silver has any medicinal benefit.

If taken by mouth over a long period, it causes the skin and organs to turn blue-grey.

In high doses, it can cause seizures and organ failure.

It seems, however, that the past leader was everything but all about love.

Indeed in the Facebook group Lovehaswonexposed, several videos of Amy abusing her divine powers on the cult members are visible.

The police will keep on investigating the case, and we will keep you updated on the development of the story.

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