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Working with Hollywood's elite and saving one life at a time in Los Angeles streets. Who is Isaiah Garza?

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Isaiah Garza with Cardi BIsaiah Garza Instagram

TikTok is the place to be.

In many years of dealing with social media, I have never witnessed such a supporting platform.

Many lives, including veterans, have been drastically changed forever, thanks to this social media.


The creators' fund is the answer.

A revolutionary idea.

TikTok, differently from Facebook and Instagram, pays its most popular creators based upon how many interactions a video has.

This includes comments, views, likes, and shares.

This is revolutionary, as it allows people to monetize their creativity freely.

Because of this, TikTok has enriched the lives of many, such as a disabled person that received support for his dog's surgery.

The creators' fund makes TikTok truly a place to be.

Isaiah Garza: from Mexico to living the dream.

Chloe Kardashian wearing Isaiah Garza earrings.Isaiah Garza Instagram

Among the most popular creators, there is a guy called Isaiah Garza.

He is using the earnings he makes through TikTok to change lives for good.

Isaiah, proud of his Mexican origins, has released an interview in December for the Mexican tv channel Telemundo.

He spoke about how he struggled in his life for a roof over his head before achieving notoriety with his beautiful creations.

Janet Jackson wearing his jewels.Isaiah Garza Instagram

This is how he introduces himself to the public on his website:

"Isaiah Garza is a jewelry designer, philanthropist, public speaker, singer, and TikToker from Los Angeles. Garza has been featured in Forbes, Vogue, Yahoo, and Business Insider. His brand has been worn by Cardi B, Rihanna, Janet Jackson, Khloe Kardashian, and many more. With over 5,5 million followers, Isaiah's Tiktok videos get over 50 million monthly views. Isaiah's goal is to become one of the greatest humanitarians of his generation.".

Robin said goodbye to the homeless life.

Robin meeting her family after two decades thanks to Isaiah and TikTok.Isaiah Garza TikTok

One of the most famous video series of Isaiah is the one featuring Robin.

Robin is a former homeless lady who has been living on the streets of Los Angeles for 20 years.

They met by chance, and Isaiah helped her right away by purchasing her a pair of shoes as she was wearing none.

Their friendship grew as well as the fanbase of Isaiah.

And so the possibility of helping Robin more and more.

He gave her money for food, a tent, then he was able to provide her a bit of pampering by taking her to the hairstylist and beauty salon.

Thanks to the donations, Isaiah was able to rent her an apartment right before Christmas.

This was an indescribable emotion for both of them.

Isaiah did not stop there.

He continued giving her money to pay the rent and also helped her clean up.

The final achievement was reached on the 18th of January of this year.

Her family, who has been searching for Robin for ten years, saw her on one of the videos.

See the video below:


Robin's been homeless for 20 years. I was able to get her an apartment & now re-united with her family thats been searching 10 YEARS for her ##family

ā™¬ This Wisp Sings by Winter Aid but slowed down - lastmanstanley

They contacted Garza, and they finally hug their long-lost family member.

But Robin is not the only person helped out by Garza.

One life saved? It is all worth it.

The streets of Los Angeles have been blessed a lot by this young influencer.

Isaiah goes by the motto that "Even if I can save ONE life, it is all worth it to me.".

And we could not agree more with him.

With the whole COVID-19 situation, more and more people working before the pandemic lost their jobs, houses, and the street was the place they ended up in.


This homeless man washes cars to make people smile for FREE. So I rewarded him for being awesome šŸ’œ ##HeyAngel ##giveback ##PlantsOfTikTok

ā™¬ Put Your Records On - Ritt Momney

Garza helped a homeless man who washes cars to make people smile.

And he does it for free.

When asked if having new clothes and shoes would make him feel better, the man said yes.

The TikToker came back with the items plus some cash.

Faith in God.

What do all of those people have in common?

The great faith in God.

Each one of them.

And it is not hard to see why.

The world is so distracted by gossip, the news, and all of the negativity going on.

We should forget about those things and focus on good news, positivity, and the life-changing people around us.

Who is Isaiah Garza?

A man that will bring hope, faith, and change to the lives of many other people.

An inspiration.

A human being.

Garza is not there because he has to be: he is there for a reason.

He is there to make a difference, give faith and hope where there may not be any.

Garza is changing more than one life in the streets of Los Angeles.

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