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The famous Italian restaurant Del Posto closes its doors forever.

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Del Posto, the famous Italian restaurant, closes its doors.

If you are a lover of Italian cuisine, for sure you heard about Del Posto.

The fancy restaurant, situated on the 85th and 10th in New York and opened back in 2005, came to an end.

The last year has been harsh for hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, and coffee places due to the COVID-19 situation.

Unfortunately, Joe Bastianich was already struggling with his restaurant, closed since the beginning of the pandemic.

Selling the wine collection to pay the debts.

Last summer, he decided to auction more than 30,000 bottles of wine, coming from the Del Posto collection.

This collection made it in the review written by Sam Sifton, a former New York Times restaurant reviewer:

"There have never been complaints about Del Posto's huge and deeply comprehensive wine collection, with its whale-bait Piedmontese nebbiolos and surprising values from up and down the peninsula."

The auctioned bottles were an attempt to save the restaurant and paying the unavoidable debts.

Before the pandemic, the restaurant had between 200 to 215 employees and, it was among the rare cases of the four-star review from the New York Times.

The review is from 2010 and was one of the proud moments of this place.

Del Posto was the first Italian restaurant to receive the highest rating since Parioli Romanissimo, in 1974.

That is a very long time.

Sold to Mr. Katz and former Executive Chef Melissa Rodriguez.

It has just been purchased by Mr. Katz and Melissa J. Rodriguez, Del Posto executive chef.

Just like the phoenix it will rise from its ashes and will become a brand new place.

Here the video that pops up now on the former Del Posto's website announcing the forthcoming substitute:

The new place will maintain the Italian spirit of Del Posto but will have three different activities.

A cocktail bar, a pizzeria, and a restaurant will welcome the curious public by the end of this year.

Or at least it is what we all are hoping for.

After fifteen months into the lockdown, making plans has become quite optimistic and utopistic at the same time.

Gordon Ramsey lost $80 million since last year.

Bastianich is not the only entrepreneur facing hard times with his business.

Gordon Ramsey, the celebrity chef and tv personality, who owns thirty-five restaurants worldwide, has lost millions since the whole situation started.

He told The Sun the three lockdowns in the UK have caused "utter devastation.".

"Having been through so much with the 2008 financial crash, then the terrorist attacks and 9/11, when COVID first hit, we all thought it would be over and done within a couple of weeks. But it has been long-haul," he told the newspaper.

Ramsey said that on December, 14 million dollars went lost in canceled reservations.

The international chef has been criticized several times for being wealthy. The truth is that he has never been greedy with his workers during these difficult times.

Hiring back.

It is the same story for the new owners of the former Del Posto.

Both Katz and Rodriguez declared that they are oriented into hiring back all the people that were priorly working in the New York restaurant.

The reactions about the Del Posto closing forever, among the fans have been mixed.

The Del Posto aficionados are commenting, on social media, how heartbroken they are.

Most of them have been celebrating in this restaurant and are bounded to it by happy memories.

Others are looking forward to the new opening and willing to try and celebrate on

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