A Smart Christmas gift guide: home edition.

Barbara Fava


Finally, we are about to start the Christmas week!

This year felt like made of twenty-four months instead of twelve to me, and probably also to you, dear reader.

We endured a lot in 2020, the pandemic, the elections, natural disasters.

Name one, and I am pretty sure we had it.

We also had an earthquake in Milan, the strongest one since 1500, so in the last 500 years.

And Milan is not typically a seismic area.

This year has taught us a lot.

We learned to find joy in our homes and how important it is to have a cozy place to live in case of a pandemic situation like the one we are facing altogether.

We couldn't spend our money on travel, clothes, shoes, and all the items that we would buy to go to work, or on holidays.

But we started paying more attention to our nests.

This year my Christmas has been focused on making my home cozier and smart.

Alexa my AI virtual assistant.


My Alexa device on my desktop last week.

Last summer, I implemented my desk with Alexa, the virtual assistant AI technology developed by Amazon.

Back then, I needed a personal assistant for my job, to remind me of meetings, interviews, planning of the day, and in the meanwhile, the grocery list and make quick maths.

I also started using it as a speaker for music as honestly, the quality of sound is very warm.

And I like being able to ask Alexa to change the playlist or turn off and on the volume while I am doing something else.

I decided to buy one for my 19-years-old brother as well, in black.

It comes in different models and colors.

Mine is an Echo dot third-generation white with mauve, and it is aesthetically complementary to my office.

Amazon recently released the Echo dot fourth-generation that is a spheric-shaped one.

Among the great options of use, you can also ask Alexa to order food for you, ask her to warn you of a severe weather alert,

Smart bulbs.

Lately, I have added smart bulbs all around the house.

Life-changing solution!

You can command the whole lightening of your house from a smart-home app or straight from Alexa.

I have both solutions, but I always end up asking Alexa to turn off, on or dimming a specific light.

Once you have smart bulbs, Alexa will also be able to fake human presence in the house if you have to go away.

If I say, Alexa, I am going out, the answer will be: "Ok, I will start guarding the house now."

Not to mention the times I am already in bed, and I forget to turn off a light.

I can ask Alexa, and she will turn all the lights off.

Having smart bulbs could also be a lovely idea for the kids' room.

Most of those bulbs can be switched from warm to cold light, supporting the vision during playtime, homework time, and sleeping time.

Some of those bulbs have multiple colors available, so you will be able to set them in your kid's favorite color.

Acrylic mount wall for Alexa.


I absolutely love it!

There are various options for Alexa'supports, but this one is the one I ordered for myself, therefore my favorite.

This stand, is made in transparent acrylic, and you can mount it on the wall or wherever you want.

I have it, and it saves me from having Alexa's cable in the way and improving her listening capacities.

It looks very classy and polished and makes Alexa appear as if it is levitating in the air.

You can purchase it here:

Geekria Acrylic Stand

Smart Air fryer Proscenic T21

I bought this air fryer earlier this month, and so far, the best money spent in 2020.

It can cook almost everything.

It can cook fish, shrimps, meat, pizza, veggies, cakes, and much more.

I have been cooking with it for a couple of weeks and enjoying it a lot.

In the app, you also will find some recipes to follow step by step, and once your food is ready to be cooked, place it in the fryer and push the start button.

It will automatically set the perfect timing and temperature for the selected dish.

You won't need oil to fry your french fries, for example.

And they will come out crunchy and well-made.

The app will allow you to control from wherever you are, including outside your house, the cooking time remaining, and you will also be able to set it to keep the food warm for you.

You will be able to make custom recipes and set them to be automatically cooked by this air fryer.

You can pair it up with Alexa, to ask your virtual assistant to turn it off, on, to cook your meal, to preheat, and many other options.

Note, you will have to link the air fryer to its Proscenic app and then link it to Alexa through the specific skill.

You can buy it here:

Proscenic T21 Air fryer

Furbo Dog Camera


If you have a pup, you feel it.

Leaving home means having a little heartbreak every time you walk out of that door.

This camera is a nice, tech gadget to have.

It is the best seller among pet cameras on Amazon, and it allows you to see your pets, talk to them, and give them treats even when you are away.

It works great also as a security camera because it can detect if your dog is barking, and it will send a notification to your phone asking if you want to check what is going on.

The camera is a 1080p Full HD Camera with Night Vision and a 160-degree wide-angle view.

Ellen de Generes, who is a huge dog-lover, featured it on her show.

DeGeneres said on her show:

Furbo is the number one gift on every pet lover wish list.

You can buy it here:

Furbo Dog Camera

Smart Vacuum and Mop systems.

Let's be honest: it is everybody's dream to have a robot cleaning the floor.

Sometimes we are overwhelmed with life.

Work, kids, family, pets.

And our floor is there asking for some love.

I knew about the smart vacuum, but I must admit my surprise in acknowledging the existence of smart mops.

Personally, I am pondering about ordering one compatible with Alexa, so I can focalize everything on the Alexa app.

There are so many options on the market for every pocket, and you will be able to check them out here:

Browse smart vacuum and mop!

I hope you liked my smart home Xmas gift guide, and feel free to comment and add your favorites in the comment! I love to exchange ideas with my readers!

Merry Christmas, and a lot of love and positivity to all of you!


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