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So you just emptied a jar of Tostitos or store-brand cheese sauce to make some nachos.....  Don't throw the jar away!
Jar cheese makes for some fantastic scrambled eggs!Photo byMike Thayer

Save it to make some easy, cheesy scrambled eggs for breakfast tomorrow!

Provided you didn't heat the cheese up in the jar, in the microwave (don't blow off the instructions on such jars that say, "Do not put the jar in the microwave"), after you've emptied out most of that cheesy goodness to make nachos, put that jar in the fridge.  That's right, a mostly empty jar of cheese, in the fridge. 

Tomorrow for breakfast, take that jar out of the fridge, 'unlid', throw in 2-3 eggs, a generous splash of milk, some salt and pepper, put the lid back on, and shake the heck out of it.  Boom!  Eggs 'shaken, not stirred' (yep, I went James Bond) with cheese, ready for the saute pan.

You can use any flavor of cheese sauce you want to do this.  The shaken eggs scrambled up with some diced ham, are delicious!  Pouring those creamy, cheesy eggs over some golden brown, diced potatoes, and bacon bits make an awesome scramble!  Fluffier from being shaken, the scramble is excellent just by itself too, simply wrapped in a tortilla, paired with a warm biscuit, or my favorite, a buttery croissant.

Bonus: Using the jar instead of a bowl and fork or whisk to scramble the eggs reduces the kitchen clean-up!

Don't be so quick to throw that jar away, do a scrambled egg hack!

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