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A heroine’s journey to save puppies trapped in Houston’s storm drains

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Roger Clemens' ex-daughter-in-law spent days searching through Texas sewers to save a litter of abandoned puppies.

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“There’s no way the puppy can get out by itself so it’s up to us and I have no shame to go down and get it,” Callie Clemens told the Daily Mail.

In the heart of Houston, Texas, a woman with an indomitable spirit and a deep passion for animal welfare is leading a daring rescue mission.

Over the course of three intense days, Callie Clemens, the founder of the nonprofit organization “Paws Off The Streets” along with a dedicated group of volunteers and loyal canine companion Giselle, worked tirelessly to overcome the difficulties posed by Houston’s storm drains. 

Their primary mission was to rescue a litter of puppies that had become trapped in these perilous conditions. 

Houston’s storm drains have gained a notorious reputation for “puppy dumping” — a heart-wrenching practice where unwanted dogs are abandoned to fend for themselves.

Per the New York Post:

About 1 million stray dogs and cats are said to be wandering the streets of Houston, many of them abused and left for dead, according to the documentary “For the Animals.”

However, Callie Clemens, driven by her unwavering commitment to animal welfare, knew she couldn’t sit back and do nothing. With seven years of experience advocating for vulnerable animals, she couldn’t ignore the cries of these helpless pups.

Descending into the dark and cockroach-infested tunnels with Giselle, her skilled animal sniffer, Callie faced an arduous task. The frightened puppies, elusive and scared, made their rescue all the more challenging.

Due to her petite stature, standing at just five feet tall, she possesses the ability to navigate through a complex network of tunnels, which enables her to rescue the pups.

Throughout the night, Callie and her dedicated team played dog sounds, hoping to draw the stranded puppies out. The volunteers’ perseverance remained unyielding, despite the dirty water and relentless swarm of cockroaches surrounding them.

Despite the odds, Callie’s efforts yielded success, as they managed to rescue two of the trapped puppies. But she refuses to relent; her determination burns brightly to find the remaining ones.

She believes the litter may have moved further north in the drains, requiring her to navigate through tight openings just 24 inches wide. Such is her commitment to these animals that she is willing to face these treacherous conditions to save them.

The city of Houston has offered support, providing engineers to aid in the search. With one engineer creating a map of the drains, Callie’s mission is bolstered by this assistance. 

However, she believes that more comprehensive efforts are needed to address the issue of abandoned animals in the city.

Who is Callie Clemens?

Per The Washington Post:

Clemens, a mom of 6-year-old twin sons, is known in the Houston area for rescuing animals. She has saved dogs, cats and occasionally possums and raccoons. Over the past eight years, she estimates she has saved at least 100 animals, often with the help of her own 4-year-old rescue dog, Giselle.

In addition, Callie co-manages the “Lost & Found Pets of Spring Branch & Spring Valley” Facebook page. 

Callie also happens to be the former daughter-in-law of renowned New York Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens.

Her tireless actions serve as a powerful reminder that individual heroism can make a significant impact on the lives of those in need.


Callie Clemens’s heroic rescue mission to save the trapped puppies from Houston’s storm drains stands as a testament to the power of compassion and determination. 

Her unwavering commitment to animal welfare, along with her connection to the legendary New York Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens, has led her on a brave quest to save these innocent lives from a grim fate.

As she continues her search for the remaining puppies, Callie inspires us all to be advocates for those who cannot speak for themselves and to take action against animal cruelty. 

Houston’s storm drains may be fraught with challenges, but Callie Clemens’s actions show that love and determination can conquer even the darkest of tunnels.





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