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The curious case of mysterious McDonald’s deliveries in Los Angeles

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Residents of Range View Avenue in Highland Park, Los Angeles, have found themselves caught in a perplexing situation—an onslaught of unsolicited deliveries.

Since February 2023, these unwanted items, predominantly from Uber Eats, have left the community puzzled and searching for answers. The bizarre nature of the deliveries, coupled with various theories, has intensified the mystery surrounding this culinary whodunnit, per the L.A. Times.

The residents of Range View Avenue have become unwitting recipients of an array of unexpected deliveries. McDonald's French fries, McGriddles, Starbucks matcha tea lattes, and even water bottles and milk cartons have arrived at their doorsteps, pre-paid and sometimes accompanied by tips for the drivers.

The sheer volume of deliveries is astonishing, with some residents reporting up to 40 orders, leaving the community astounded and questioning the motives behind these peculiar occurrences.

Per KTLA5:

“The neighborhood is no stranger to the phenomenon, however. Some residents in the area were bombarded with random deliveries back in March. Then there was a temporary pause of the deliveries.”

As the mystery unfolded, multiple theories emerged within the community.

Some speculate that the deliveries are part of a local college psychology experiment, while others believe they serve as a means for criminals to verify stolen credit card details. However, despite the theories and speculation, the true explanation remains elusive, adding to the residents' confusion and frustration.

The constant influx of unwanted deliveries has raised concerns about privacy and security among the affected residents. The unwanted items not only leave them questioning how their personal information may have been compromised but also contribute to unnecessary food waste.

This situation underscores the need for robust security measures and responsible consumption practices within the rapidly growing food delivery industry.

Closing Thoughts

The Range View Avenue community continues to grapple with the unsolved mystery of the unwanted deliveries. While the residents eagerly await resolution, Uber Eats has committed to investigating the matter, promising to take additional action if the unsolicited orders persist.

The hope remains that this peculiar culinary whodunnit will be unraveled soon, bringing closure to the community and shedding light on the motives behind these perplexing deliveries.

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