French bulldog replaces Labrador Retriever as most popular U.S. breed

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The petite pooch was initially recognized by the organization in 1898.
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The French bulldog has become the most popular dog breed in the United States in 2022, according to the American Kennel Club. This marks the end of the Labrador retriever's 31-year reign as the country's favorite dog breed.

The French bulldog has risen in popularity in recent years, climbing from the 14th most popular breed in 2012 to the number 2 spot in the American Kennel Club's 2021 rankings. The breed is known for being playful, adaptable, loyal, and outgoing, making them great companions for a variety of people.

However, experts warn that some bulldog breeds are susceptible to health complications. French bulldogs may have a greater chance of being diagnosed with common disorders compared to other breeds, per a study published in 2021. The British Veterinary Association has also urged people against buying flat-faced dog breeds, which includes the French bulldog.

Per the American Kennel Club, the French bulldog is a brachycephalic breed distinguished by its shortened snout and flat face. Due to their unusual skull structure, the breed struggles to regulate their temperatures when overheated due to their narrow nose and small airways.

Additionally, French bulldogs have become a target for theft. Officials in South Carolina reported that a well-known breeder was fatally shot during the sale of a French bulldog, and Lady Gaga's dog walker was shot during the theft of the star's two French bulldogs in 2021.

The full rankings are here.

Most popular dog breeds of 2022  

  1. French bulldogs  
  2. Labrador retrievers  
  3. Golden retrievers  
  4. German shepherd dogs  
  5. Poodles  
  6. Bulldogs 
  7. Rottweilers 
  8. Beagles 
  9. Dachshunds 
  10. German shorthaired pointers 

Least popular dog breeds of 2022  

  1. English foxhounds  
  2. Norwegian Lundehunds 
  3. Sloughis 
  4. American foxhounds 
  5. Belgian Laekenois 
  6. Azawakhs 
  7. Harriers 
  8. Sussex spaniels 
  9. Cesky terriers 
  10. Pyrenean shepherds 

Final Thoughts

The popularity rankings of the AKC, the nation's oldest canine registry, cover approximately 200 breeds. The figures are based on nearly 716,500 puppies and other newly registered dogs last year, with approximately one in every seven being a Frenchie. Registration is entirely optional.

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