Mini Vietnamese potbellied pig from California has amassed a following of 2 million on TikTok

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The little guy, who has an affinity for cuddling, has stolen the hearts of viewers with his funny and endearing behavior.
Mina Alali and her pet pig Merlin.Photo byMina Alali
“Merlin is the most intelligent, adorable, dramatic and stubborn little pig. I just wanted him to have good manners and be house-trained, but it's been so surprising just how clever he is,” Mina Alali said.

Meet Merlin, a mini Vietnamese potbellied pig who has captured the hearts of animal enthusiasts worldwide. Owned by Mina Alali, a content creator based in California, Merlin has become a social media sensation thanks to his adorable antics and intelligence.

Mina adopted Merlin after being inspired by a pig video on TikTok. Since then, she has trained him to perform tricks, such as turning electric buttons on and off, dancing, sitting, and high-fiving.

She also taught him how to communicate using pre-programmed buttons, allowing him to request food, drinks, a walk, or even sing and dance.

Merlin has grown from weighing 15 lbs to almost triple that since his adoption, and he is expected to continue to grow. Mina understands that Merlin's growth will require more space, and she plans to move into a house soon.

She also emphasizes that owning a pig requires a significant commitment, much like having a child. It's not for everyone, and people need to understand the challenges before getting a pig as a pet.

Despite the challenges, owning Merlin has been a fun and rewarding experience for Mina. She loves documenting his adventures on her TikTok and on Merlin's own Instagram account.

Merlin’s affectionate nature has also made him a great snuggle buddy, and Mina often cuddles with him in bed.

Closing Thoughts

While dogs and cats are the most common household pets, owning unconventional pets like pigs can also be a joyful experience. However, it's important to understand the commitment and challenges involved before getting one.

Pigs require a lot of care and attention and need space to live comfortably. But for those who are up for the challenge, owning a pet pig like Merlin can bring a lot of happiness and love into their lives.

You can learn more about Merlin’s life with Mina on Instagram @merlinthepig or on TikTok @mina.alali.


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