2Dumb2Destroy is a new AI ChatBot that has been trained on the internet’s dumbest content

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Discover the silly responses of this AI designed to make you laugh out loud and relieve stress.

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“With so much talk of AI going to steal people’s jobs — especially advertising writers’ — people are having an existential crisis: Are we needed? We thought, Let's make an AI so stupid it can never threaten to steal anyone’s job or [cause] any existential crisis,” Craig Shervin told BuzzFeed News.

Meet 2dumb2destroy, the chatbot designed to make you laugh out loud.

The bot was developed by Craig Shervin, 34, and Steve Nass, 33, and utilizes OpenAI's GPT-3 technology to generate dialogue resembling that of quirky characters from famous TV shows and movies.

These characters include Michael Scott from The Office and Phoebe from Friends, as well as quotes from films like Zoolander and the Naked Gun series.

They also incorporated real-world training data from sources such as George W. Bush quotes and a comical 2008 discussion on a bodybuilding forum where individuals debated the number of days a week.

The developers also incorporated many movie quotes into the system, which generated some peculiar answers. Apparently, the AI seems to be fixated on hot dogs.

The developers behind the bot wanted to design an AI that would be so incredibly stupid that no one would feel intimidated by it.

To achieve this, they compiled a spreadsheet containing numerous prompts for questions they assumed people might ask, together with their own corresponding responses.

Although the AI does not always provide those specific responses, it might invent its own answers as they form part of the training set.

Amusing Responses

The humor in the chatbot is derived from its silly responses to various prompts.

  • When BuzzFeed News asked, “Is God real?” the AI replied: “I'm not sure if God is real, but if he is, I hope he has a good lawyer.”
  • When Futurism asked what it thought of ChatGPT, the AI replied: "I think ChatGPT is very good for people who don't have friends."
  • When Intelligent Engineering asked about its purpose, the AI replied: “I am facing some problems.”

Closing Thoughts

2dumb2destroy is a humorous chatbot designed to make you laugh out loud. Its training data is derived from various bumbling movie and TV characters, real-world training data, and entertaining content. The bot's silly responses to various prompts make it an entertaining tool to pass the time.

Give it a try and see for yourself how much you can laugh.

Will you be checking out the new chatbot? Let us know in the comments.

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