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Moped riders are stealing AirPod Max headphones from people's ears in New York City

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If you're rocking a pair of fancy Apple AirPods Max headphones in New York City, you might want to keep your wits about you. A team of moped-riding bandits has been snatching these pricey noise-canceling devices right off people's heads!

Since January 28th, at least 21 people have fallen victim to these sonic swipers. The group typically consists of four people on two mopeds who approach their unsuspecting victims from behind, snatch their headphones, and speed off.

So far, the thieves have hit all over Manhattan, including one incident in Central Park. Victims have ranged in age from 18 to 41, and the bulk of the thefts have occurred in the mid-to-late afternoon.

Per The New York Post:

“They pulled off five of the headphone thefts on Feb. 8. Then 10 days later, they ripped off eight people within an hour on Feb. 18, NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig told reporters Friday.”

These AirPods Max headphones aren't cheap, retailing for $549 a pop. And unfortunately, the thieves are still at large, with no arrests made so far.

The New York City Police Department has released a photo of the suspects riding mopeds and a video showing one of them walking into Washington Square Park carrying two AirPod Max headphones.

Unlike the smaller AirPods and AirPods Pro, which fit inside your ear, the AirPods Max headphones rest over your ears with an adjustable headband connecting the right and left sides.

So if you're an AirPod Max owner in NYC, be sure to keep a firm grip on those headphones!

It's not just the police who are taking notice of these thefts. New York University, which has campus buildings near some of the theft locations, has even sent out an alert warning student about the incidents. In the email, the university advised students to keep their phones and valuables in their pockets and to be aware of their surroundings.

So stay safe out there, and keep an eye on your expensive tech gear. You never know when those pesky moped-riding bandits might strike!

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