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New York City will spend $18.5 million to purchase 51 electric school buses

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“By celebrating the transition to zero-emission school buses that are far better for our children, we're creating a better future for our children,” said Mayor Eric Adams, per Gothamist.
“Each individual little bus or big bus does make a big difference for the children driving [in] it, for the driver driving in it and for the workers who are loading and unloading the school buses,” said Walter Mugdin, deputy regional administrator for the EPA, which awarded the grant to the city.

New York City has some exciting news for supporters of electric school buses and other electric vehicle initiatives.

New York City will receive a federal grant to purchase clean school buses, according to WBGO.

An EPA school bus grant program will award 18 million dollars to bus companies that serve the city. It will be used to buy 51 all-electric school buses to replace diesel vehicles.

According to the Department of Education, the 51 new electric vehicles represent only a small portion of the city's fleet of 9,500 school buses.

It was unclear which city neighborhoods would benefit from the new electric buses.

A provision included in the state government budget passed in Albany this year requires all school buses in New York to be electric by 2035, per reports.

According to Scientific American:

“Electric school buses are not only heralded as a way to reduce carbon emissions from transportation; they are also seen as a potentially powerful aid to the electric grid and a means to stop enveloping children in harmful diesel exhaust (Greenwire, April 13).”

Per Bus Boss:

“Electric school buses are not an all-purpose solution for school bussing, at least not yet. They still struggle to have battery capacity for more than a couple hours, and there is the ever-present need for charging stations. This makes them challenging to deploy in rural areas, or cities comprised of endless suburban sprawl - but they're perfect for a city like New York.”

What are your thoughts on New York City school buses going green? Let us know in the comments.

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