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Clippers’ Paul George is giving away 3 million dollars in free therapy

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"Mental health is just as important as physical health to me. I can be in the best physical shape of my life but if my mental health is lacking, it won't make a difference.” — Paul George in a press release provided to Alex Kennedy of BasketballNews.com

There is no doubt that there has been a push to improve and increase resources for mental health and wellness in many places across the United States. Mental health is a significant issue in today's society. This also applies to the NBA, where many players have previously spoken about mental health.

Here is an excerpt from Business Wire:

“Paul George, nicknamed “PG-13,” is one of the most dynamic and popular professional basketball players in the National Basketball Association, where he stars for the Los Angeles Clippers. He is a seven-time NBA All-Star and six-time member of the All-NBA team, as well as an Olympic Gold Medalist.”

When George opened up about his mental health issues in 2020, he joined a small group of NBA players who had spoken out about their internal struggles.

George, 32, had been fighting against these feelings at the time, believing he could keep them to himself. When that became impossible, he decided to open up and seek assistance.

Speaking Out About Mental Health Struggles

The NBA power forward and his co-star Kawhi Leonard were humiliated in an embarrassing season-ending loss inside Disney World's basketball bubble, which turned George into a contentious topic among NBA fans who felt his poor play deserved online harassment.

After being mocked endlessly by the moniker "Pandemic P" following his 2020 elimination, George says that speaking out about his depression after the bubble was "like my coming out party."

George spoke out about the difficulties of being trapped in the NBA bubble, claiming that he battled anxiety and depression while experiencing a historic slump.

Partnership with BetterHelp

The Clippers star will collaborate with BetterHelp, the world's largest online therapy platform, to help people better manage their own mental health.

George is the latest professional athlete to speak out about mental health and collaborate with BetterHelp, joining a growing list of athletes such as tennis greats Venus Williams, Frances Tiafoe, and Taylor Fritz.

George wishes to assist in removing the stigma associated with mental health, which prevents people from seeking help.

He's offering a free month of services to anyone who applies and qualifies, for a total of $3 million in services.

“Getting help to better yourself mentally has been extremely important in my life and has allowed me to be the player, father, husband and person I am today. This is why I am so excited to partner with BetterHelp to provide access to free therapy and help raise mental-health awareness around the world." — Paul George in a press release provided to Alex Kennedy of BasketballNews.com

Closing Thoughts

Paul George empathizes with those struggling daily and is aware of what it's like to experience hardships. The star's collaboration with BetterHelp has the potential to alter people's lives significantly.

Visit http://www.betterhelp.com/Paulgeorge to sign up for one month of free therapy.

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