Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky Social is now officially in beta, and will launch soon

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"The word 'Bluesky' evokes a wide-open space of possibility. It was the original name for this project before it took shape, and continues to be the name of our company," the company shared in a news release on October 25.

Former Twitter CEO and Co-Founder Jack Dorsey is reportedly working on a new social media platform called Bluesky that will compete with Twitter, which is currently owned by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Per a recent report in Futurism, Bluesky was already in the works in 2019. And at the time, Twitter funded its development to help it get off to a good start. It is, however, a completely different platform with no ties to Twitter's shareholders.

According to news outlets, the Bluesky app's creators are preparing for a test run, which would be a significant event.

Company representatives said the initial announcement drew 30,000 sign-ups in two days. Users can still sign up to join the app and become beta testers before the platform is made public.

Per Tech Story:

“News reports about the Bluesky app came a few days after Elon Musk purchased a majority stake in Twitter for 44 billion dollars. Elon Musk who made an initial offer in April 2022 had backed out from the deal citing non-cooperation from Twitter. Twitter then filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk to force him to fulfill the deal. During the court proceedings, Musk decided to complete the deal and take over the social networking company.”

In a tweet, Dorsey, 45, called Bluesky “a competitor to any company trying to own the underlying fundamentals for social media or the data of the people using it.”

Control and Transparency

Bluesky intends to transform how personal data is handled on the internet.

According to Bluesky, the new app will have extreme security protocols, as well as an Authenticated Transfer Protocol, indicating that it will be a social network managed by various sites rather than having its servers in a single location.

Users will be able to switch between social media platforms as a result without losing any of their “content, follows, or identity.”

Per Bluesky's website, the new platform gives creators independence from platforms and developers, as well as the freedom to design, allowing users to customize their experience.

According to Gizmodo, one of the platform's main selling points is that its technology gives users control over their algorithms.

The announcement comes as public awareness of the dangers of machine-learning social media algorithms grows.

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