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ER nurse volunteers on her days off to braid patients’ hair and spend time with them

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"I feel like there's something very special about brushing somebody's hair. It's something just relaxing and very comforting," Brooke Johns told Good Morning America.

As an emergency room nurse, Brooke Johns, 40, works at Southern Hills Hospital in Las Vegas. According to ABC affiliate KNTV, she returns to the hospital on her days off to provide a genuine human connection to patients by brushing their hair and simply spending time with them.

This inspiring nurse is a shining example of an angel in human form.

Her acts of kindness have been captured by various news channels worldwide, winning viewers' hearts.

Long periods without human contact can be highly taxing, particularly during a pandemic.

Johns, who has been a nurse for about three years, enjoys being a calming presence for patients recovering from surgery or who have been in the hospital for months. She appreciates not having to rush like she would during regular work hours.

A Former Patient

Sierra Stein, a former patient of the young nurse, is one of the more than 100 patients who have benefited from Johns' volunteer work since she began a year ago.

Stein was admitted to the hospital for a month last July due to COVID-19 complications, and she couldn't have many visitors due to safety protocols.

Stein was ecstatic when Johns entered the room, brush in hand, ready to detangle some hair.

Stein attributes her admission to the hospital for proper care and treatment to Johns's efforts.

Closing Thoughts

In addition to providing a basic level of connection for patients, Johns stated that she does this because we never know what a person is going through, and she wants people to feel loved.

Johns, a mother of three teenagers, says she wants to set a good example for her children by serving others and alleviating pain.

According to Alexis Mussi, CEO of Southern Hills, other nurses have been inspired by Johns and are now braiding patients' hair, demonstrating that kindness is contagious.

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