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Woman launches organization to help cancer patients feel attractive

B.R. Shenoy
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"We have our doctors and they keep us alive…But, emotionally, we all want our souls to feel sparked up to get us through." — Jackelyn Kastanis stated to CBS News.

Hospital rooms are being transformed into beauty salons and spas by Jackelyn Kastanis, providing patients the opportunity to feel attractive whenever they wish.

After her childhood best friend Brooke was diagnosed with cancer at age 27 and given a year to live, Kastanis spent as much time with Brooke as possible. She soon discovered that the hospital atmosphere was quite depressing.

Kastanis bought cosmetics and hair extensions to cheer up Brooke and give her a feeling of normalcy. The two of them would then spend hours a day experimenting with eyeshadow and lipstick.

Kastanis told CBS News that Brooke then started using less morphine and altered her entire demeanor.

Simply From the Heart

Kastanis was thus inspired to start her nonprofit organization Simply From the Heart in Illinois.

There are now Simply From the Heart chapters all around the US, with volunteers known as "glam girls." They fill "glam boxes" with 30 beauty goods donated by individuals and companies.

The glam girls deliver the boxes to hospital patients and provide beauty items and makeovers to women and girls facing sickness.

Since 2014, they have assembled hundreds of glam boxes and have made a difference in the lives of over 5,000 patients.

Closing Thoughts

Brooke died in 2011, but Kastanis continues her mission to help others feel good about themselves, just as she did her closest friend.

Per CBS News:

“Medicine and treatments help them heal, but friendship, kindness, and a dash of glam help them rekindle the light within them.”

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