No College Degree? No Problem. Companies Are Easing Their Job Requirements.

B. Michael Logan

Job seekers without degrees might finally have a shot at job openings once thought only filled by those knee-deep in student loans. Fast food shift workers might get callbacks for entry-level management positions where they can wear a suit and tie while finally escaping the dangers of an oil-splashing fryer.

A quick search through online job boards, such as Indeed, shows once-coveted positions removing their requirement for a bachelor's degree. No longer will you have to sort by positions the average person could learn in a week or two that require four years of a college education.

According to a recent report by CNBC, fewer students are even going off to college as the fledgling job market touting millions of openings entices high schoolers. With an economy ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic and the exorbitant price of a four-year college degree; it seems even the siren song of Sallie Mae isn't enough to fool the financially inexperienced high school students.

This leaves a massive workforce ready to lace up their aprons as soon as they throw their hats in the air. A larger workforce without college degrees are forcing companies to re-think their approach to hiring.

Employers Are Easing Their Job Requirements

It's always nice to work towards a degree to meet personal and professional goals. However, scrolling through job boards was always a chore when the most mundane positions required college degrees. Social media websites, such as Reddit and Twitter, always provided belly-shaking chuckles from job searchers who understood these memes:

"ENTRY-LEVEL JOB OPENING: Hiring recent college grads. REQUIREMENTS: 5 years of experience, 6 Olympic gold medals, and superpowers."

Any job seeker who has spent any time scrolling through online job boards has clicked on job titles claiming missing qualifications, hoping to still shoot their shot with the employer. Some posted jobs would advertise basic customer service positions offering a salary dangerously closed to minimum wage while not giving degreeless job seekers the time of day.

With more job openings than job seekers, according to the Wall Street Journal, there is no reason for desperate employers offering uncomplicated run-of-the-mill positions to stand guard at the gate for degree-wielding employees. Employees who have worked for a college degree understand their worth and how repaying student loans, paying for basic necessities, and a roof over their heads is not something they can accomplish for only $15 an hour.

Highly Competitive Positions Will Still Require Degrees

The average job-seeker should understand that they're not taking six months of barista experience straight out of high school and getting a job as an investment banking analyst in New York City. Job seekers should still be realistic about their short- and long-term goals as it applies to job seeking.

It Still Wouldn't Hurt To Try

Applying for a job isn't like applying for credit. The worst an employer will do with a potential job seeker's resume is to view it and ghost them. With employers across online job boards easing their requirements for college degrees in anticipation of a wave of pandemic-surviving high school applicants with no college prospects; it's the perfect opportunity to tug on some of the once-coveted reels cast in the ocean in hopes of a chance at a better opportunity.

Job seekers will, however, want to take caution not to fall prey to deceitful hiring practices.

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