Custom Packaging and Benefits for Brands

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Customization is an innovation in the packaging industry that has many hidden benefits in addition to the on-surface beauty that they impose on the packages. Custom cardboard packaging, custom Kraft Packaging, custom corrugated packaging, and custom rigid packaging boxes had never been so unique and innovative as it has become now with this personalization of the packages. Custom cardboard packaging is the most common in use because of the user-friendly nature of this stock.

Packing boxes Is becoming more and more on-demand phenomena because people now prefer a beautiful outside with a beautiful inside. With the passage of the Covid Lockdown, the world of shopping has also shifted online. You just need to order from e-stores and everything reaches in a day or two. People now prefer this kind of buying now. Printed cardboard product packaging is taking the box style to new horizons.

Components of customization:

The customization of packages includes some basic components along with additional ones. They are

Name of the company

Address of the company

Website URL of the company

Logo of the manufacturing Company of the box or the product if both are same.

The slogan of the manufacturing company or the product company

Any email address if provided.

Besides these mandatory things, Customization includes any statement or words that the consumer wants to be written on the box. For example, if it is a birthday gift and you want to write a birthday wish he paper, the customized statement would come on the box. The printing can be on one side or both sides of the Box. It can be in any font style and color.

Types of packaging:

Packaging comes in three different basic forms;

1. Primary packaging:

The immediate packaging of the products is the primary packaging. For example, if it is a lipstick the metallic rod cover is the primary packaging. It represents the product in-depth and on an immediate level.

2. Secondary packaging:

The next step of Packaging the product is secondary packaging. It is there to keep the products presentable in the retail shops and to give them to the consumers.

3. Tertiary packaging:

The shipping containers come under this category. These large containers are the strongest and have high durability. They are so designed that they accommodate a large number of small packages and are then carried from one place to another. Their transport Is through ocean lands and changing environmental conditions and that is only possible and safe if a durable and sustainable material is used to transport them.

All these packaging stages ensure the manufacturing, presentation, and transport of the products over distances.

Benefits of customization for the packaging:

1. Customization gives an identity to the brand:

The personalization of the packaging boxes gives an identity to the product inside. If it is some kind of jewelry item, And the box contains the image of that item along with its name, the identification of the box would be easy and it would give a known impression to the manufacturing brand also.

2. Customization beautifies the packages:

Cardboard packaging boxes are the most ideal ones, for any kind of packaging in our day-to-day lives. Brands prefer this type as it is light yet strong and provide sustainability to the products. When this packing further has prints, words, and designs on it, the impression increases manifold. The consumers get a good image of the product and tend to buy it time and again.

3. Customization gives privileges to the consumers:

When brands offer the choice to the consumers to get the words of their choices printed on the boxes, it is like a dream comes true. You have an idea in your mind and it is given the color of reality by the service providers. What else can you ask for?

Styles of packing boxes available:

There are many different kinds of styles or designs that the packaging industry adopts to pack the products according to their nature.

1. Tuck boxes:

Tuck boxes may be single tuck or double tuck boxes. They are a way to give an easily approachable look to the product. Their opening and closing are already a sight to watch. The caps of the boxes fit exactly to the box and give a full look to the boxes.

2. Window boxes:

These cardboard boxes have a window in the center that is covered with lamination and gives a clear view of the products inside. They look so elegant that the consumers tend to buy them even if they didn’t intend to in the first place. The windows are good for food boxes as they keep the passage of air to keep the foods fresh.

3. Cylindrical boxes

As the name suggests, cylindrical boxes are for products that cannot be bent and need to be kept in a standing position. For example tube lights, perfumes, etc. Need cylindrical packaging. Such representation makes the worth of the products a million times more.

4. Pillow boxes:

They are the most stylish among all boxes and give a formal look to the package. They are mostly used to gift something to others as they make gifts worth presenting.

5. Wrappers:

Paperboard wrappers are also in demand when it is required to save space and weight. These brown papers keep the things inside safe from water and heat etc. And provide sustainability to the package. Medicines retail shops use them most of all.

Final Word:

All these packing boxes mostly made in cardboard stock have tremendous uses in the packaging industry. They have changed the meaning of business because they have made it easy to do the business of sending everything to the doorsteps of the people in quite decent and sensible packaging. The package has passed from different stages starting from the making of the box to the receiving by the concerned person, everything helps in the uniqueness of the final product and makes it presentable.

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