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The first thing to understand about e-bikes is that they are here to stay. According to market research company NPD Group, electric bike sales increased by 240 percent during a 12-month period as of September 2021, compared to two years previously. As of 2020, the business was worth about $27 billion, and there is no sign of a decrease.

Some see the growth of e-bikes as a threat, as though regular bikes will become extinct if everyone goes electric. But worry not: E-bikes aren't going to deprive us of our human-powered way of life. They may even improve it, especially when travel and commuting habits alter due to the coronavirus pandemic and shift in work commuting.

There is no doubt that Electric bikes are a substantial investment that requires some thought before picking which model to get. Many aspiring riders spend weeks researching every facet of their new purchase yet frequently overlook the most critical aspects of an electric bike.

Why go to all that trouble to end up with a disappointing and underpowered e-bike? When it comes to getting a new electric bike, a little research goes a long way, including learning from the errors of other riders. The following are the most typical regrets of first-time e-bike buyers:

1. " I Didn't buy the Larger Battery."

Many beginner riders underestimate how frequently they will ride and how long their rides will continue, which can lead to disappointment when they discover that the bike they purchased is incapable of keeping up with their riding distance. People frequently focus on the model's estimated riding range when looking for an electric bike rather than the actual battery capacity and size. The problem with these estimations is that most manufacturers overestimate the numbers and assume ideal riding conditions (for example, smaller rider, no load, flat terrain, and pedal-assisted power). Yet, most riders underestimate how much power they'll require for their riding habits. Do not repeat this mistake! First-time riders immediately realize how much they like riding and how the convenience of riding allows them to go on longer adventures.

Understanding the significance of e-bike battery capacity and how a battery's total watt-hours influences riding range is essential. More watt hours translates to more power. More power equals more riding range. Multiply volts by amp hours to obtain the watt hours of an e-bike model's battery.
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2. "I went with the least expensive e-bike."

Experienced electric bike riders frequently say, "I wish I had spent more money on a decent bike in the first place." Unfortunately, as inexpensive 'off-brand' e-bikes with deceptive performance promises reach the market, this criticism is becoming increasingly widespread. The problem with most inexpensive bikes is that after a short ride, the user realizes how badly it lacks quality. Many riders claim that if they had invested more money upfront, they would have saved a lot more on costly repairs, component replacements, upgrades, and bike replacements. That $700 e-bike on Amazon may be appealing. However, suppose it only lasts a couple of hundred miles or is continually in the shop for repairs. In that case, the cost-per-use is substantially greater than a high-quality electric bike from a well-known and reputable e-bike brand.

3. "I only have Cadence Pedal Sensors."

When shopping for an electric bike for the first time, a prospective customer may be perplexed by the quantity of unfamiliar terminology used to describe the bike's specs. A layperson may be puzzled by terms such as amp hours, watts, torque, and cadence pedal assist, to mention a few. Many riders are unhappy because they do not understand enough about the technical aspects of electric bicycles. The TORQUE and pedal-assist sensors are two of the most frequent features that e-bikers wish they had on their bike.

Torque pedal assist is a feature that monitors the force of each pedal movement and delivers the appropriate amount of torque to match your riding power. This feature is essential since virtually all electric bikes only have a cadence pedal assist sensor, which produces the same amount of torque with each pedal rotation. The single pedal-assist technology is frequently considered dull and even dangerous by experienced e-bike riders since the bike may apply too much power when accelerating from a stop.

3. "I'd never considered what I'd use the bike for or where I'd ride it."

Most would-be riders know they want an electric bike but aren't sure how or where they'll ride it. E-bikers usually wish they had thought about all of the possibilities for their electric bike before purchasing their first model. A senior rider, for example, buys a typical step-over bike for regular errands. However, the rider failed to consider how frequently they would be mounting and dismounting the bike throughout those rides and the strain this would have on their hip flexors. A step-through frame e-bike, which is simpler to get on and off, would have been a far better fit for the rider's lifestyle.

These stories are commonplace as the rider's demands alter as they grow acquainted with their e-bike and understand how to fit it into everyday life. Options like fat tires vs road tires or single battery vs double battery sometimes leave riders perplexed about how to pick the best model for their specific lifestyle and preferences. Before truly committing to buying an e-bike, consider your riding location, riding style, and how you want to utilize your bike for regular riding.

4. "I didn't look into the warranty or customer support."

Most riders regret not purchasing an e-bike from a reputable, trustworthy brand that has been selling and maintaining e-bikes for more than a year or two and gives a guarantee and solid customer support. A high-quality electric bike is an expensive purchase that a buyer should anticipate to last for several years of riding pleasure. Suppose you have a problem with the quality or performance of your e-bike. In that case, a robust, skilled, dependable support team headquartered in the United States is essential. If you obtain the dreaded lemon of an e-bike, you'll need a comprehensive warranty to safeguard your investment.

If you're hesitant or concerned about a specific e-bike company's Customer Service, put them to the test to confirm you're satisfied with their communication tools and response time. For example, if you want to contact a customer care team for post-purchase assistance, ensure that the organization has an available phone number with live representatives. KBO Bikes is happy to offer the most excellent customer service and support. In certain circumstances, it may take a village to assist an e-bike customer adequately, so be sure you buy from a company that can keep its promises.

5. "I Forgot About the Accessories."

Experienced electric bike riders are fervent supporters of adding a range of accessories to personalize and improve the appearance and performance of their bikes. Adding decals, racks, fenders, bags, and baskets to your e-bike is a fun and easy way to customize it. A rider who frequently visits the grocery store will find their ideal match in a wonderfully practical cargo rack, large enough to hold all of your family's supplies. If your bike is left in a public place or shared lot, installing a loud Anti-Theft Alarm might put your mind at ease. The eager adventurer may attach a Phone Mount with Charger to their vehicle to keep their GPS open and visible while also charging their phone. There are several ways to modify an electric bike to make it one-of-a-kind and ideally tailored to your riding demands.

6. "I Underestimated Riding Addiction."

Almost every electric bike user will agree that e-bike addiction is a tremendous force! Riders sometimes bemoan that they waited too long to acquire their bike and wish they had done it sooner. Electric bikes instantly deliver the essential quality of life gains for new riders, including saving money by replacing car miles with a more efficient way to ride, experiencing new destinations and adventures, spending more time with family, and improving their mental and physical health. While we realize the care that goes into an electric bike and the time a buyer must spend researching, don't wait more than a few weeks. You'll want to be riding, we promise! If you're having problems deciding, KBO makes it easy by providing many purchasing choices, such as Low Monthly Payments with Klarna.

There is a lot to think about when buying a new electric bike, from watt hours to torque sensors. With some basic information and research, you can avoid the frequent mistakes made by many first-time e-bike riders and guarantee you're pleased riding your new e-bike from the first mile to the thousandth mile and everyone in between! Still unsure where to begin?

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