"Opinion": The importance of Men’s Health

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Health is a state of complete physical, mental and spiritual well-being and it is important for all. If you are not completely healthy you cannot run in the race which we call life. We live in an era where life has become a competition. And you have to be quick to reach somewhere in life. Every hospital in Pakistan claims to give quality healthcare to everyone but some of them ensure quality healthcare services.

"Opinion": Why men’s health

Health is important for everyone but why I’m emphasizing men’s health is because men are the ones who are most exposed to diseases. Men always pay less attention to their health and ignore all the signs and symptoms. They don’t even take medicines to cure the disease and make the condition worse. There is also a big ratio of men who smoke, which puts their health at more risk.

"Opinion":Reasons why men don’t take care of their health

There are many reasons why men don’t take care of their health and don’t visit any hospital in Pakistan because they usually don’t have time for that. Despite being sick more often than women, men don’t see a doctor unless the condition gets serious. These are some common reasons why men don’t take care of their health:

  • "Opinion": The domestic burden

In our culture, men are the only breadwinner of the family. They have to support their whole family and all the responsibilities are on their shoulders. They have to go out to work and all the other domestic chores are also done by men. If someone has to go somewhere, men are the ones to take them out. Taking children to school, doing groceries or so many other tasks are the responsibility of men. This is the reason that men don’t get the time to visit hospitals for check-ups. Their health is never their priority.

  • "Opinion": The financial responsibility

As mentioned above, men have the responsibility to earn for their families. They have to bear everyone’s expenses their health is not their priority because every private hospital in Pakistan is so expensive that an average middle-class person cannot afford their services. Men prefer to bear other domestic expenses first, they usually put their family members first then they think about themselves.

  • "Opinion": Reckless nature of men

This is the major cause of men not taking care of their health. Men are reckless and careless by nature, they ignore so many things. They don’t show their pain and don’t share their problems with anyone. They wait and ignore the problems unless it gets serious and worse. Every hospital in Pakistan and the healthcare system needs to be aware of their health.

"Opinion": Health problems with men

Many health problems happen to men. There are no prominent campaigns run for men to raise awareness regarding their health and the importance of the prevention of diseases. These are some common health problems in men.

"Opinion": Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that is most likely to happen to men. It is a serious chronic disease in which the body turns every food into energy or glucose. And the body loses the immunity and ability to heal. A diabetic person has to be very careful about their eating routine; some patients take insulin doses before having any meal. Diabetes patients also have to be very cautious about the injuries, because if the body loses the ability to heal it can lead to the amputation of the organ.

"Opinion": Mental health issues

Men suffer from illnesses more often, men have so much pressure and burden on their shoulders. This pressure leads to hypertension and stress. And stress is the major cause of diabetes as well. Men suffer from depression, stress, and anxiety but they are not supposed to share this problem with anyone as it is considered a weakness in our culture.

There exists a toxic mentality that men have to be strong and men don’t cry. If men express their emotions it makes them less masculine, this notion has to be broken. Because of this concept, some men even commit suicide. Now every hospital in Pakistan has a psychologist for mental health treatment even the hospitals in Multan, Sialkot, and Rawalpindi have the facilities. But still, there is a dire need for awareness among men regarding mental health.

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