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Local Tree Care Company Joins Deltona City Government for Tree Planting During Arbor Day Celebration

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Deltona, Florida – Deltona became a Tree City USA for the first time in 2007. Every year since 2007, the city has organized the Arbor Day celebration to educate residents on the importance of maintaining a healthy urban forest.

“In addition to teaching our residents the importance of tree preservation,” said Mayor Heidi Herzberg, “we also give away free trees to facilitate the expansion of our urban forest. This year, however, the city government did not have to distribute the trees alone. Tree Service Pros Deltona, a local tree care company, joined the city government and increased the number of planted trees from 300 to over 600.”

According to Heidi Herzberg, a large number of property owners in Deltona have high regard for the Arbor Day celebration. The mayor noted that it is one of those days that most people will postpone some of their planned activities to plant trees.

“It is very rare for people to forego other activities to plant trees,” said Mayor Heidi Herzberg. “For this reason, we always try to take maximum advantage of the Arbor Day celebrations. One thing we have always known is that if we want to plant many trees in a single day, the most appropriate day to do so is during the Arbor Day celebrations. And thanks to Tree Service Pros Deltona, this year we planted more trees than we have ever planted in the 14 years we have celebrated Arbor Day.”

“Next year,” added Heidi Herzberg, “we will focus on pushing our tree planting limits even further. With help from more local tree care companies, we can plant even 1,000 trees in a single day. We are hoping that next year we won’t just be working with Tree Service Pros Deltona.”

The state of Florida currently has a tree canopy cover of about 22.6% on urban land. According to Mayor Heidi Herzberg, this tree canopy cover falls below the recommended 30% by 7.4%.

“We want Deltona to be part of the cities that are helping Florida push its urban tree canopy cover to over 30%,” said Mayor Heidi Herzberg. “While Deltona cannot push the tree cover to 30% alone, we believe that doing our best will also encourage neighboring cities to start taking action.”

According to Mayor Heidi Herzberg, Tree Service Pros Deltona distributed planting trees from its base at 1555 Saxon Blvd #200, Deltona, FL 32725, United States. The mayor’s office, however, communicated with the company via +1 321-587-3880 and


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