Do you know how it feels to be dead inside?

Ayuel Monykuch

I have been dead inside for a long time and still look like life can’t change at all. I have not yet done whatever I want, like, and would like to do. Sometimes I go through a rough path that, if other people, went down. I am truly sure most of them would have committed more suitable than living a poor life. And I am coming to believe that’s the deep reason why some wish to end their lives, as they don’t want to go through problematic paths.

For anyone who has never experienced it, feeling dead inside can be the hardest to imagine. And, those who have struggled with it might not always have the right words to explain the confusion, sadness, and numbness that comes with this feeling.

These situations in this world are the hardest difficult for some of us, you may live a sad life, broken from things/people that you wish to have, and others that can’t even be mentioned. To feel dead inside is difficult to process emotions like happiness and sadness. I hope one day I will be healed from all these situations, even if it takes a lot of decades. I think it is better than committing suitable, for you may not how difficult you may put your families, colleagues, and friends.

Not only that, but I suggest that you just have to move on with it, life is too short to worry about others, Life is too short to enjoy things you want to. Life is too short, sometimes you just have to be patient, take a deep breath, and look around yourself. If you find yourself, then you must work on yourself. I have never thought one day and have never come to my Logic, that those who have a smooth pure heart would have always been living in these situations and can always go on rough ways. And those who you truly love, care for, and have a deep feeling for them, are the real ones who can hurt you most.

All I wish is to be healed one day from all this and live an ordinary life for the rest of my life. I am sure it would be better in this world we live in. It’s not all about success, having more finances, enjoying a good life, buying/wearing rich clothes, and chilling out as long as you are well. That’s the real life some of us wish for. On all my paths I have learned a lot from others, some have truly shown their real love, and real sides, and I appreciate them. Even though I know sometimes we love to hate and hate to love. It’s the automatic design of life. I wish you would not have been as I am!

The most ways of feeling dead inside: You feel alone, you might feel Physically Empty, you feel like you have no purpose, Constant State of Numbness, and question the meaning of Life.

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