My favorite book at the moment was taken by my cousin.

Last week, one of my cousins visited and when he left, I couldn't find the book I bought at Pegasus Book Exchange.

I was damn sure he took the book but there's nothing wrong with that.

The only problem was why he didn't inform me about it. I called him and asked why he wouldn't inform me before taking my book. He apologized and said I wouldn't have allowed him to take it, he only read 2 pages out of the book and he developed an urge to complete it.

He's right; I wouldn't have given him the book because I haven't completed it too. Since I also love the book and I was anxious to read every next page, I had to visit Pegasus Bookstore again to check if they still have the same book.

Luckily, it's available but this time, Pegasus borrowed me. I will get my book back from my cousin when he's done reading it. And if he wants the book for himself, he should go to Pegasus Book Exchange, they will serve him well.

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