Here's The One Unusual Habit of Successful People!

Ayooluwa Adeleke
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He that has learnt to work has learnt the most difficult activity there is on the face of the earth…

This might probably be one of the most powerful quotes I have yet known on the subject matter.

Work characterizes man’s existence. It accords him a great deal of respect from fellows when he is said to be actively engaged in an endeavor and known to be thoroughly skilled in the same.

You could search all you want through to the ends of the Earth. I promise you would not find that man who has achieved greatness without setting his heart to that which he is hell bent on getting proficient with.

In a world that celebrates excellence and outstanding performance over mediocrity and complacency, the quest to greatness is simply nothing but the survival of the fittest. So, the magic of committing to one’s work with honesty and pride is the reward itself.

The process itself is the greatest kind of reward that diligence and industry avails.

It is amazing to see how the world works and how life - by itself - places people in the cadres to which they respectively belong. The diligent and the industrious - by default - find each other and make friends. This is also the case with the indolent and complacent.

Certain people underplay the essence of toil and hard work. This might be the case because they have never needed to struggle for anything. They awoke to planet earth and discovered a silver spoon in their mouth. The truth however, lies herein, to be born with a silver spoon is all the more reason to get one’s hands dirty and break a sweat. Better to break two or several more. This way, the wealth is not only just sustained. More so, the timeless lessons from the effort that went into the wealth creation is gleaned on that platter.

The wealth we garner with our sweat and not someone else’s is a lot sustainable than the one which is not. As with a common saying, this truth is neither elastic nor pliable. It’s a time-tested fact and has been proven over and over.

It is foolishness at its peak if a man’s intention is nothing but rely on the fortune and wealth of his parents or predecessors. It is a matter of time before he realizes that it often doesn’t last. Hopefully, he learns before he plunges into the pool of impoverishment.

As long as the right kind of knowledge, skillset and discipline that comes with the acquisition of that fortune is not amassed, it’s only a matter of time before the inherited fortune fizzles off.
There is no place in the world in which the language of excellence is not understood. Refusing to realize the ultimate reward to work not only affects the drive towards hard labor and an unflinching devotion to a cause, it also deprives you of the most desirable crown of wealth and fortune that awaits the individual - whose dues has been paid - at the end of the tunnel.

Beyond the immense rewards that comes with honing your craft and taking your place in the world, the process itself is the greatest kind of reward there is on the earth.
The process gifts you with a story. A tale to tell to those looking to begin an adventure in that endeavor. Our toil at an endeavor -more than anything else -gifts us a voice to be heard and chance at lifting others thus providing reassurance to those looking to give in to adversity, enabling them ultimately fulfill their dreams at being successful. In simple terms, the process itself is the greatest kind of reward that diligence and industry avails.

Ultimately, where people belong is where they have decided to be by choice. After all, life apportions to us that which we demand of it.
So as I go about my work seeking proficiency at what I do, I aim to pay the ultimate price. I daily set the reminder that I’m one of several others onto something really big.
I am in a race with humanity.

The race to mastery.

The race to Excellence.

The most difficult activity there is on the planet.

The race of Work.

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