Florida Man: Seven Bizarre Crimes That Have Happened in Florida

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Florida has a reputation for being the home of some of the craziest crimes. Some of these criminals are unlucky, some are bizarre, and some are just plain dumb. Here are seven individuals who have committed crimes that have given Florida its reputation:

Charlie Ross

In 2013, a Florida man named Charlie Ross was arrested for giving people wedgies at a movie theatre. But one person did not find Ross' 'prank' funny, so they filed a battery charge against him. Police agreed - Ross did not have consent to touch or give that person a wedgie.

Ross issued an apology but stated he would continue his 'pranks.'

Nathaniel Coleman

Thirty-three-year-old Nathaniel Coleman spent one day in November 2011 trying to pawn thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. This jewelry, however, had been stolen. And the manager of the pawn shop, ironically, was the owner of the home he stole the jewelry from.

Though the manager did not know her home had been burglarized, she recognized the stolen jewelry immediately. She kept Coleman occupied while her husband notified the police. Police found the couple's home ransacked, and Coleman was arrested on multiple charges.

Brenda Schumann

On December 21, 2012, Brenda Schumann, 51, went to her estranged husband's home armed with a rifle. Schumann pointed the gun at her husband and his girlfriend threatening to kill them. She then urinated on the carpet in one hallway and defecated on the floor. Before leaving, Schumann destroyed photos and Christmas decorations in the home.

Police later found Schumann at her apartment and arrested her.

Patrick Rempe

A 24-year-old man named Patrick Rempe spent one day in 2015 getting high on flakka. He then drove his car into the Indian River County Jail and attempted to break it. Why? Because he wanted to visit his friends.

Rempe sustained minor injuries and was treated before he was arrested and charged with multiple counts, including three counts of felony mischief and driving under the influence.

Lisette Santis

In 2020, 41-year-old Lisette Santis went to a Walmart bit different fruits and spat the chewed food into her hands and nearby bins. The estimated cost of the damaged produce totaled nearly $350.

Police arrested and charged Santis with recklessly tampering with a product. Her bond was set at $15,000.

Gayle Wessel

An Orlando woman, Gayle Wessel, cracked multiple goose eggs at a park downtown. The eggs were worth $200 each leaving the total damage at $3,200.

Wessel was charged with criminal mischief.

Cynthia Alexander

Cynthia Alexander, 48, punched her daughter, Stephanie Thompson, in the face and chest after a dispute about how she cleaned their mobile home. Thompson retaliated by scratching her mother in the face. This proved disastrous, as Alexander pulled out a stun gun and used it to send 5 million volts into her daughter's face. Thompson was able to run outside, and a neighbor called the authorities. Although Thompson refused to press charges against her mother, deputies arrested Alexander. She was charged with aggravated domestic battery.

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