Top-grossing and the best book by Elin Hilderbrand - Golden Girl

Golden Girl is the 27th novel by Elin Hilderbrand. It is a 384-page book in which a newly dead Nantucket novelist watches life unfold without her.

In her 27th novel, Hilderbrand gives herself an alter ego, beloved beach-novel author Vivian Howe, sends her out for a morning jog, and immediately kills her off. She ascends into The Beyond, and Martha greets her.

She gets a chance to make three alterations to the events on Earth. She starts to think carefully about how and where to use them. The remaining part of Golden Girl explores what happens to the family and friends left behind.

With this, several past secrets come to light. Her three children deal with sorrow in distinctive ways, whereas her separated husband regrets his decision to leave Vivi for a much younger woman years before.

The book has beautiful scenes and dialogues.

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