Gov. McMaster Gives Virtual Thumbs Up to Open Carry

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South Carolina Gov. Henry McMasterOfficial Office of Gov. Henry McMaster

South Carolina Governor Henry McMasters has given the virtual thumbs up for open carry in the state of South Carolina. Gov. McMaster signed a bill in South Carolina this week to allow open carry in South Carolina. Open carry currently in the United States refers to the practice of someone visibly carrying a gun or firearm in public spaces and not concealing it or not viewable by a casual observer.

To "carry" usually means to those that “carry weapons'' means that the firearm is kept in a place where it is ready and  accessible to the person carrying it. Many times it is within a holster or attached to a sling

This is not to be confused with brandishing a firearm, which may constitute a serious crime in some situations. Per Wikipedia, “Carrying a firearm directly in the hands, particularly in a firing position or combat stance, is known as "brandishing" and may constitute a serious crime, but that is not the mode of "carryiny” as we are discussing here. 

The concept of open carry has seen a comeback in recent years and many wonder if it will continue. 

Gun rights communities have become extremely supportive these days of the practice, while gun control groups greatly oppose the concept of open carry.   

The passage of this bill started some time ago when the House originally passed the bill  this past March of 2021. Then the senators made their changes and created their own version of the South Carolina Open Carry Bill. This update of the bill  includes eliminating the $50 permit fee. 

South Carolina was one of only five states without a type of open carry bill.

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